Watch: Britney Spears Through The Years


This week a video started making the rounds that featured photos of our dear Britney Spears from the time she was a baby until now showing how much (or how little) her face has changed over the years. The photos chosen for this clip do cover the many highs and lows of her life but, as kinda creepy as it may sound, it’s actually a pretty cool video. Click below to check it out.

What I take away from this video (despite the fact that the second photo of Britney as a baby looks EXACTLY like her youngest son Jayden James) is that Britney was and continues to be a beauty. Not even her darkest days could mar her beauty. This may be a weird video in theory … but I kinda like it. Do you?


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  • nicole

    who has this much time of their hands? haha.
    i will say this, i think she looks great with the darker blonde & brown hair

  • Jake

    She looks like a beautiful soul who has lived a lot of life in her thirty years.

  • KJ

    both britney and lindsay could learn a thing from the kardashian girls in one way: they have fabulous hair and makeup.
    both girls are beautiful blank palettes but both need better hair and makeup.

    • ChristineLA

      You cannot seriously be advocating for Britney to take a more Kardashian route with regards to her hair and makeup, can you? I’m sorry, the last thing this world needs is Britney wandering around with clown makeup, giant hair, and teetering on ridiculous heels. Britney is a beautiful woman, and I much prefer her more natural look.

      As for Lindsay, if only her problems could be solved with a little flourish of hair and makeup.

    • j

      Completely agree with you ChristineLA!

    • @ChristineLA — AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

    • ChristineLA

      ACK, I almost can’t stand the coincidence of Lindsay going back to red today!

  • Lady2176

    The video kind of creeped me out. But seeing all those photos back to back I think she did changed a lot. I actually think she looked pretty with the bald head. I do wish she kept her hair dark. I think it is more flattering.

  • Amarie

    A little creepy but interesting. The music became more dramatic for the shaving of her head photos.

  • Rus

    She’s always been a naturally gorgeous girl. Nothing can make her look bad ever! :o)

  • mc_swifty

    That was a little creepy. maybe its just me or the pictures they used but when she was going through her rough patches, her eyes seemed demon/crazy like

  • Vicky

    She looks as pretty now as she did in the days of JT. The Kevin era nearly killed her.

    • @Vicky — So agree.

  • Balito

    This video is sooooo CREEPY… in my ways!!!

    • Balito


  • Krista

    Why would you post a video on your blog for everyone to see than make it private?????? Thats just sooo dumb!