The Last Will & Testament Of Whitney Houston Leaves Everything To Daughter Bobbi Kristina


It’s been almost a month since we lost the amazing singer Whitney Houston and this weekend, her only begotten child — Bobbi Kristina — will be interviewed for the first time since her mother’s death on Oprah Winfrey’s new series Oprah’s Next Chapter. Today we learn that Whitney specified in her last will and testament that 100% of her assets will go exclusively to Bobbi Kris only. Altho it may sound a bit creepy to be talking about money in the wake of someone’s death, I am hugely relieved to know that Bobbi Kris alone will get the estate left behind by her mother Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston’s 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina got inconceivably richer the day her mother died — because the singer left Bobbi 100% of her assets in her will … an estate valued at around $20 million. According to reports, Whitney’s will doesn’t enumerate specific assets — but she leaves ALL furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars to her surviving children … i.e. Bobbi. According to reports, Houston’s money will be put in a trust — which Bobbi will have access to in stages … earning a portion when she turns 21, another chunk when she turns 25, and the rest when she turns 30. The will was just filed [Wednesday] in Atlanta. Whitney signed it back in 1993, a month before she gave birth to Bobbi.

This is great, albeit still sad news. I’m certain Bobbi Kris would happily give up everything that Whitney left to her if she could get a single moment with her mother again but … at least Bobbi Kris is taken care of now. Not to harp but her father Bobby Brown has proven repeatedly that he cannot be trusted to care for his numerous children. Whitney had the foresight to ensure that her daughter would be taken care of if she could not be there to take care of her herself. There is NO ONE, IMHO, who deserves to inherit Whitney Houston’s assets more than Bobbi Kris.


  • akili

    I am surprised people are making the will that big of a deal. Did we expect anyone else to be named in the will? Whitney made it clear in her last interview with Oprah she was done with Bobby Brown and focused on her relationship with her daughter. They were divorced.

    I never thought for a second anyone but Bobbi Kristina would inherit her estate.

    • @akilli — i don’t know that anyone is making a big deal about it, i’m just happy that BK is getting everything.

  • Sarah

    What a WONDERFUL picture of the two! They both look gorgeous!

  • Sergeja

    I read a story a while ago (after Whitneys death) that she secretly adopted a son and that the family said that even if he mightn not be mentioned in the will, he will be well taken care of. Anyone ever heard of that? I can’t remember where I read this … or maybe it was all just a very vivid drem :”>

    • @Sergeja — Yes, I’ve heard of this “adopted son” too. I understand the family now wants nothing to do with him. HMMM.

  • Sergeja


  • Ella

    Glad to hear that Bobby Brown will not get his paws on any of her estate or fortune.

  • ella

    Is it weird that I thought “Only $20 million?” I would have thought that someone as iconic as Whitney would be worth a lot more than that…

    • @ella — She likely had much more money.