Natalie Portman’s Red Polka Dot Oscars Dress Was Sold For $50,000


A couple of week back we reported on our favorite looks from the Academy Awards. Critics were divided on Natalie Portman’s Oscars dress. She wore a vintage red Christian Dior dress with small black polka-dots. It was borrowed from couture dealer Rare Vintage and Natalie wore it with Harry Winston diamonds, and an extra wedding band (which sparked the rumors of her having secretly wed her beau, Benjamin Millepied.) Today I have learned that the red Dior dress she wore to the Oscars was sold for $50,000 on an auction site!

According to the New York Post, an unknown British couture collector in London purchased the size-4 Dior dress because it is a rare vintage design but also because it was worn by Natalie Portman to the Oscars. I have to say, I adore Natalie so so much but I didn’t love this dress. I was surprised to see her wearing red and very surprised to see her in polka dots at the Oscars. I know though that a lot of fashion critics out there loved this dress for Natalie. Nevertheless, regardless of what she wears, Nat looks gorgeous. I think an Oscars dress reaching a price of $50,000 is extremely high, but I think in this case it probably got that price because it was worn by Natalie, who not only won Best Actress last year but presented one of the most prestigious awards of the night this year – the Best Actor award to Jean Dujardin from The Artist. Still, it fascinates me that someone would pay that much money for a dress, and a second-hand dress at that! What do you think, was it worth $50K??


  • Laura

    I am not sure if “acting” would be the right word – staring into the camera with a vacant expression while and drinking coffee would be more accurate

  • Lulu

    The dress was actually worth $50,000 before she wore it to the Oscars.

  • Claire

    Compared to the other celebs, Natalie was actually one of my favourites of the night. But I am also a huge fan of vintage clothing, and I thought it suited her very well. I wish the material wouldn’t have wrinkled, but it wasn’t noticeable on stage.