Iconic Music Themed Game Show ‘Name That Tune’ Could Be Returning To TV


Yesterday we heard about a new singing competition coming to us from Queen Latifah. Now we are hearing about ANOTHER music themed competition which could be back on our televisions, but it isn’t completely new – it is a remake of the iconic music game show, Name That Tune. Have you ever seen episodes of the show which ran first from 1953 to 1959? In it’s original form it was a game show where contestants competed for prizes as they attempted to properly identify music performed by a live singer or orchestra. Well, American Idol and The X Factor production company FremantleMedia has secured worldwide rights to the show and they are talking about rebooting it for a modern audience. Is there an overdose of music reality shows or will this work?

Name That Tune has played on TV screens a few times throughout history and lots of people have tried to make it work again and again. It first appeared in the 50’s, then from 1974 to 1981 and then again in 1984 with host Jim Lange. VH1 attempted to revive it in 2001 with a video interpretation where contestants had to identify the song titles after screening the music video. The Family Channel tried airing syndicated episodes from 1993 to 1996 and MTV and CBS also attempted it, neither of which got off the ground.

I’m keen to see if this time the guys from American Idol and The X Factor can get it to work for a modern audience given that it’s been tried so any times before. I actually like the original concept and think it could be a fun drinking game with friends (with many, many vodka shots involved and lots of singing) but I’m not quite sure about it returning as a TV series. Hmm… would you watch Name That Tune?


  • I would watch it if they got a good host. I don’t know who would be the right person for this type of show. Also it would need to be on the right network. I don’t really think that any of the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) would be right maybe with the exception of FOX. This sounds like their show. Looks like it could work.

  • Lacey

    I forsee that whenever a Madonna song comes on the contestant will guess Lady Gaga.

  • nicole

    i like these kind of shows – (i was a “dont forget the lyrics” junkie) so i wouldnt mind seeing this come back. it’ll just take the right network and the right host to make it work

  • darren

    I will NOT watch it unless Kathy Lee Gifford at least is in the premier episode. Hell, she did all that humming; why wasn’t she mentioned as opposed to Jim Lange?

  • Keith

    That could be VERY interesting considering the is an ample supply of pop songs that were sampled from other pop songs. This could get quite convoluted.

  • Bjorn

    We have a similar show running in South Africa for the last 28 years called Noot vir Noot (Note for Note) the first note being a bank note lol – the premise is intense musical knowledge over all genres and decades – not just recognizing a tune – the original format has change ever season with the core of the show being a celebrity guest coming on singing a medley and the contestants have to the name the songs to get into the jack pot round – which gives you an amount if money eg 50000 and in limited amount of time that amount of money starts dropping as you need to identify the songs being played by the band but they do give you clues upfront to help.If you dont get all 6 or all in time you dont get whats left of the jackpot. Its been quite a success in SA for years.

  • chadSF

    I’m curious and I’ll watch it and it it’s good I might even try to join. :p

  • This was one of my all-time favorite game shows and I can’t wait to watch it again! http://wp.me/p1se8R-2×9