Goldie Hawn Spotted Partying Until 4am And Looking Worse For Wear


Ouch! Last night Goldie Hawn, grandma and 66 year old, was seen arriving at her hotel after leaving The Hawn Foundation private launch party. She had been out partying for 9 hours apparently until 4am and was looking a little bit worse for wear, needing assistance to get out of her car and into the hotel. Her day started with a booking signing in the afternoon and she hosted a fundraiser for her charity for children in the evening. Her stamina is impressive but I’m not sure she can hold her alcohol like she used to.

Yikes, Goldie certainly looks a bit out of it in these pics. With her disheveled hair and smudged makeup she looks more like an older Courtney Love, don’t you think? Her charity gala was held in London at Annabel’s members’ club in Mayfair, and her daughter, Kate Hudson and son-in-law Matt Bellamy were there to lend moral support. The lavish event was to raise money for the Hawn Foundation, set up to improve children’s lives by acquiring “vital social and emotional skills, to improve academic performance, enhance the quality of their lives and work with others in their community”.

Her manager Alan Nevins tweeted: ‘Last night’s fundraiser was a huge success! and so much fun!!!! So proud of @goldiehawn for her work with children. And Kate so generous in coming to London to support the Foundation for her mom! Luv U!’

It certainly sounds like Goldie’s charity is very worthwhile and I’m impressed that she is spending time working on her charities. I have to say when I saw these pics a part of me was even impressed that she can still party like that. I hope I have that kind of stamina when I’m 66 years old. Goldie is clearly still pretty young at heart and hasn’t taken age as a sign that she has to slow down. She doesn’t look her best in the pics, far from it actually, she looks drunk and messy, but I think it is kinda cute and funny. What do you think of Goldie’s late-night antics?


  • swile71

    Goldie is always cute and funny to me. Good for her for going out and having fun and doing it responsibly.

    • Claire

      Agreed entirely.

  • muchacha

    I too hope to have that stamina when I’m 66!! I think she had a good reason to celebrate :)

  • Chris

    oh come on, she looks better at 66 then Lindsay Lohan does in the same condition

  • AmandaMarie

    Her hair is just in her face. She’s happy drunk. Not sloppy drunk.

  • nicole

    at 4am, who really looks put together? take the hair out of her face and its not that bad.

  • Shannon

    I dunno, I Generally look like shit anytime after 12am, so holler at 66 year old Goldie looking better than i would at 4am

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Atta girl!

  • she’s 66 years old partying til 4am. why do we have to say negative things about her looks? women always get critiqued on their looks. so disappointing. i HOPE i look this good at 66 wow!!

  • megsterg

    Come on, she’s too old for that. It’s embarrassing.

    • Z

      No one’s too old to cut loose every now and then. This doesn’t seem to be a regular thing and it looks like she had a DD so who cares? She had a lot to celebrate!

  • apriljan

    LiLo? Is that you?

  • BCDanielle

    I love Goldie Hawn! She started a fabulous program for teacher’s to support kids social and emotional well- being in the classroom. She rocks!

  • Eric

    Courtney Love ten years ago maybe but certainly not an older Courtney Love.