First Listen: Marilyn Manson Releases A New Single Titled ‘No Reflection’


Last September we learned that rocker Marilyn Manson named his next album Born Villain. At the time, it was reported that the disc would be out by “the end of the year”. The end of the year came and went and … no album. Today we learn that Born Villain has an actual release date of May 1 so … it’s coming. We also learn that the lead single from Born Villain will be a track titled No Reflection, which you can listen to in full. Many MM fans were disappointed with the last album The High End of Low but I think this new song is a return to form of sorts for Marilyn Manson. Listen to No Reflection below and see what you think.

I like it. I used to be a big Marilyn Manson fan back in the day … I was most impressed with the music that Trent Reznor produced. In the past few years, MM has kinda lost me a bit … but by the sound of this new single, they may win me back. Sometime late last year, MM released a video for his title song Born Villain so in case you missed it, you can check out the NSFW mini-movie video for Born Villain below:

This creepy music video has Marilyn Manson all over it … but it was actually directed by actor Shia LaBeouf. You may recall that I attended a book signing last Fall and got to meet both Shia and MM (again) in person. This song is … dramatic. I much prefer the rockier feel of No Reflection. Other songs on the upcoming new album include Overneath The Path Of Misery, Slow-Mo-Tion, Breaking The Same Old Ground, Children of Cain, The Gardener, Pistol Whipped and Hey Cruel World. I’m quite curious to hear these other tracks … because if this new album doesn’t wow me, I will likely give up on Marilyn Manson altogether. I guess we’ll wait and see. Any MM fans out there? What do you think of this new music?

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  • bleeding ears

    It might make the rounds on my iPod for a little while….

  • Noel

    I think I fell in love all over again.

    • You have good reason to. This album is definitely what everyone has been waiting for form Manson…Just wait and see. The video to this song is also due to be released soon so keep an eye out for it…and spread the word.

  • I love Marilyn Manson and I want so badly for this album to be awesome and do well. Crossing my fingers. Love the video.

  • Danny

    Yawn, same old crap.

  • Raul

    Excellent song. Can’t wait for Born VIllain.

  • Amazing!!!! This song has been getting the best reviews (by fans and critics alike) that Manson has gotten in a long time. Born Villain is hyping up to be a whirlwind for Manson. I can already tell. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs on the album. Oh and his recent cover story on Revolver was absolutely amazing as well. Awesome interview and even better new photos of Manson. Trent you should check it out. It’s the best photo shoot that Manson has done in years. Dean Karr, the man who did the artwork for Antichrist Superstar and the video for sweet Dreams took the photos and is also doing the album art for ‘Born Villain. So excited!!! You should keep doing stories on him here and there. The video to this song is due to be out very soon. You should definitely post it when comes out. Cooking Vinyl (Manson’s new label) seems to be doing a very good job with promotion for this album just like they promised him.