Archie Comics Spoofs ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’


In January, Archie Comics tackled the issue of same-sex marriage. In February, Archie Comics tackled the issue of interracial marriage. This month, Archie Comics takes on the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yep, that’s right … in Archie Comics No. 261, Betty becomes Betty the Vampire Slayer as she battles Vampironica (Veronica) for the heart of Archie. How much do I love this? Click below to check out the cover of this fun new issue.

LOL! So fun. I can’t even believe it but … Archie Comics is quickly becoming my favorite comic book series. I really fell in love with their introduction of openly gay character Kevin Keller … but now that they’re showing Buffy some love? I’m a bona fide fan. LOVE THIS ENTIRELY!


  • BCDanielle

    I love Archie Comics! I used to drive my friend crazy when I went to her place to hang out; I would spend the entire time reading the comics!

  • Adrienne

    Ditto. I love Archie Comics. Have been reading them since I was a kid. Don’t ask how long. ;-) I love Buffy too. Can’t lose sitch for me.