‘90210’s Trevor Donovan Bares His Bum In British ‘Cosmopolitan’ Magazine


Trevor Donovan may have left 90210 last year but this year he has popped up in a most surprising place … totally nekkid in the pages of the new issue if British Cosmopolitan magazine. Donovan bares his bum for the centerfold photo of the March issue of Cosmo and reveals to the magazine, among other things, the part of his body that gets him most into trouble. HMMM. Click below to see MORE of Trevor Donovan … in all his glory.

Cosmo: Hi Trevor. you look incredible in this month’s Cosmo. Do you get shy about taking your clothes off?
Trevor: Look at my picture in Cosmo… my answer is no.

Cosmo: What’s your favourite part of your body?
Trevor: My hands. Hands down! Because they play guitar for me.

Cosmo: And the rest! What’s your least favourite part of your body?
Trevor: My mouth. Because it’s always getting me in trouble.

Cosmo: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Trevor: Yes. I’ve been blind in that area so far. But I’m still looking.

Cosmo: Does being in a show of beautiful people like 90210 put pressure on you to work out?
Trevor: On the show or not I would of done it anyway. I actually enjoy exercising.

Cosmo: Do you like a girl to stay in shape too?
Trevor: Yes, but equally as sexy to a fit body is a sharp intellect… someone who can carry on conversations. Girls with sharp elbows and dull intellect need not apply.

Cosmo: Ohhh we like the straight-talk. So what else do you find sexy in a woman?
Trevor: A big belly laugh and if she reads books…..

Cosmo: *laughs like Santa whilst reading War and Peace*

Whooooooo hooooo. If you click the censored image above, you can check out the uncensored version of the photo that features Trevor’s bare booty. Trust me, the NSFWness is totally worth your time ;) While I miss watching Trevor on 90210 (yes, I still watch and do enjoy the series), I don’t mind it so much if we get to see new photos like this from time to time. I wholeheartedly approve, do you?

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that my friend Alek Tomovic from Oh La La was the photographer who shot this beautiful photo of Trevor Donovan. I knew my friend was talented but, wow, he’s really outdone himself. I might have to ask Alek if he has any, ahem, behind the scenes photos to check out ;)


  • Carl

    God, that is SO delicious.

  • paula

    Trevor Donovan makes me wetty wetty

  • OMG! what sweetness! yummy yummy!

  • Iheartaustin

    Oh my damn!!!!

  • JeniLee

    So excited for him to be back on 90210 soon. I was thrilled when they announced he would be back!

    Sidenote I cant believe they let a TYPO in that magazine. Its not “should of” its “should have” CMON Cosmo!

  • Taeylor

    Hey @Trent did you here that he is coming back to the show! I still love 90210 and am DAMN proud of it!! :)


  • alaina

    Yeah, Trev… fuck yeah!