Watch: Uggie’s First Day Training For The Job At Nintendo


Last week we heard that the adorable star pup, Uggie, who was one of the big celebs from the Oscar winning film of the year, The Artist, was retiring because of health issues. The canine star is getting a lot of job offers though and has decided to do at least one of them. Today we get to see the little cutie in his first appearance as the official Spokesdog for Nintendo’s “Nintendogs + Cats.

His owner and trainer, Omar Von Muller, revealed last week that they had decided to retire Uggie from filmmaking because of a neurological disorder. He did say what a shame it was to retire Uggie “when he is getting the biggest success of his career” so perhaps they decided to let him do some more work while the jobs are flowing in? It is great to see Uggie back at work in his fimmaking element, but I just hope that his owners are putting his health first rather than exploiting him for money :(

He is very cute in this ad though… what a clever little pup he is! I am not sure if this is the official ad or just a preview but it’s very sweet either way. Check it out…


  • Matt

    My friend directed this ad– up-and-coming filmmaker Jon Hill…look out for him!

  • Krissy

    I love Uggie! He is sooo cute!