Watch: Charlie Sheen Under House Arrest In An Ad For New Fiat Car


Charlie Sheen made headlines last year as a trainwreck actor and got killed off by his own hit TV show, Two and a Half Men. Then we heard that Charlie was telling people that he “wasn’t crazy anymore” and had secured himself a role in the new FX series, Anger Management with Selma Blair. Well, crazy or not, now Charlie has outdone himself – he is starring in a car commercial for Fiat that takes full advantage of his reputation and plays up his bad boy image. The head of Fiat’s branding has said that Charlie is exactly who they want to be representing the car as he “personifies the edgy and fun attributes of the Fiat 500 Abarth.” And the vehicle’s slogan supports that message: “Not all bad boys are created equal.” Hmm….

The Fiat ad shows the compact car speeding dangerously around the inside of an opulent mansion during a swanky house party filled with female models. The guests cheer him on as he burns rubber and screeches perilously around marble corners. When he steps out, revealing himself, you first see the bracelet on his ankle, and then a hot model on his arm. The punch line – “I love being under house arrest…What do I get for good behavior?”

When I watched this ad for the first time I felt repulsed. I mean, here he is, notorious bad boy rolling in the fame that he has got from being a well known trainwreck, promoting the idea that breaking the law and wrecking havoc can be fun. Having had time to think about it, and watch it again, I now see the humor in it. I’m hoping that Charlie did this with some kind of tongue in cheek, but he is still saying ‘yes, I’m a bad boy and now I’m going to make more money off it.’

Check it out.. what do you make of this latest Sheen-anigan?


  • Missy

    I like his DirecTV commercial more. That one made me laugh.

  • ChristineLA

    I would find it more hilarious if his cars all ended up mysteriously at the bottom of a cliff, with zero explanation. Was it two or three years ago that a common story to wake up to on “Good Day LA” was another one of Charlie’s cars over a cliff, only to be never spoken of again? So bizarre. WHY were the cars driven off cliffs? Were they committing suicide? Was Charlie doing it for kicks? I STILL want to know the answer!

  • megsterg

    The only thing it’s good for is to show why our justice system is a complete joke when celebrities with million dollar mansions get house arrest for heinous crimes. Cause it’s definitely not making that itty bitty car look cool.