Top 5 Naked Pregnant Pics Over The Years


Coming in 3rd place, is another one of my favorite bump baring moms, Claudia Schiffer. She covered German Vogue for their June 2010 issue while she was 9 months pregnant with her third baby. The photo was also taken by a famous name, Karl Lagerfeld. The reason I love this pic is because it is one of the rare occasions where we have gotten to see Claudia as herself, largely untouched and literally bared. I also think it is fabulous that it is on the cover of German Vogue because bump baring is something now common (and less daring) in the U.S, but I would imagine that when this cover came out in Germany it might still have been shocking, in a good way.

  • Iheartaustin

    My favorite is Britney on Harpers Bazaar most definitely se just looked so GORGOUS and so happy! I love it!!

  • Danica

    My faves are of Nia Long (Essence) and Tamera Mowry.


    Living Legend is my favorite. I wonder why Beyonce never did a nude photo shoot… OH WAIT. ; )

    • @CHASE — “I wonder why Beyonce never did a nude photo shoot… OH WAIT.” LOL :)

    • ausettofegypt

      I love it!

  • Mark

    Def Britney’s Harper’s cover is the best, so iconic!!

  • Fabio

    My fav is Jess :) I hate Brit with dark hair! She’s a blonde through and through.

  • BellaGrace

    LOVE the Brit Harper’s Cover!! I forgot how great she looked as a Brunette too!! And umm Christina looks better preggo than she has been lookin lately!! yikes!

  • cowgirl

    Personally I don’t want to see any naked preggo woman on the cover of a magazine.

  • shannon m

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about these things. While I think it’s something to celebrate and is definitely beautiful, I think it’s also letting a part of yourself show as a celebrity that absolutely nobody could steal from you. Sure you can get nip slips and crotch shots and people with half their body exposed, but that stuff is on a regular basis. I just think it’s one of the few things they could keep sacred for themselves.
    Or.. for a little more realness.. show these women naked right after they’ve given birth… not photoshopped lol

  • Ashwee

    I looove Britney’s Harper’s cover, def my favorite! I just entered my 12th week of my first pregnancy(yikes!) and looking at these has kind of given me a little push I haven’t had yet to maybe consider having my picture taken, for memories sake. Prolly not NAKED, but we’ll see in a few months ;)

  • Claire

    I personally think pregnancy is so beautiful and I just love that these women are willing to share it. I love Demi, Jess and Brit (in Harper’s)…but I think the blonde one of Brit and Christina’s are way too sexy, which is definitely not what the mood should be in photos like this.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    @ chase.. Aaahahahaha

  • ausettofegypt

    Britney ALWAYS

  • No monica bellucci? I love Claudia Schiffer’s cover :)

  • debra

    i love brit harper cover
    she has this pretty glow on her face that none of the others have

  • meme

    this pose is so played out. demi really was lovely back then. now she’s ruined her face.

  • Courtney

    @Meme Demi didn’t do it first Melissa Gilbert did 2 years prior to her and Demi was on her second kid not her first you forgot Brooke Shields & Mariah Carey my favorite in the one you showed is either Jessica or Claudia. pregnancy is a beautiful thing to be celebrated and you can deffinately see the Sparkle in Jessica’s eyes on that cover so what if it’s air brushed she probably has pregnancy acne and didn’t want that shown in the pictures as it’s well documented she’s had acne issues since her teen years