Sarah Jessica Parker Channels Carrie Bradshaw In Paris


The past couple of weeks we have been seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in her comfy winter woollies as she takes her adorable twins out to play on the streets of NYC. Today is one of the first times in ages that we have seen SJP as the glamor woman she is. Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed today at the Luis Vuitton fashion show in Paris looking more like her alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw. Paris Fashion Week is on at the moment and lots of stars are there for it. Already today we saw pics from Kanye West’s fall show. Check out SJP’s ‘Carrie’ look…

She looks great in these pics at the Paris Louis Vuitton show, and is definitely channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw with the peek-a-boo black bra under white lace. SJP is synonymous with Carrie, for many people they are one and the same person, and here it is hard to distinguish the actress from her character.

Carrie was possibly THE biggest fashion icon at the peak of SATC, and in some ways, I still think she is a style icon for many women. She was famous for creating stylish ensembles which mixed high-end (and high budget) shoes or accessories with vintage clothes. She never completely followed a trend but set them herself. Do you remember her famous look of revealing her bra in Sex And The City? She is totally doing it again now.


  • Debho

    That’s my girl. :)

  • Randal

    I so absolutely love her!!!!! The outfit is AMAZING!!!!

  • kel

    i hate when people say she is horsefaced or something…i think she has so much natural beauty, talent, charisma, humility…plus, she looks FLY as Carrie in that last picture.

  • megsterg

    Girlfriend needs a bra with some straps so the girls are where they need to be. But other than that, yea she does look amazing.