Fiona Apple Reveals The Title Of Her New Album


In January we learned officially that singer Fiona Apple is FINALLY ready to release a new album of material sometime this year. In February, we learned that Fiona is hitting the road on her first concert tour in YEARS to promote the album’s release. Today we learn that her new album has a very long title and that the disc will be out in June. Click below to find out the charming and very Fiona Apple-like, 23-word title that has been bestowed on her upcoming new album.

Fiona Apple has revealed that her long-delayed fourth album will be titled The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do. This incredibly long title would be very weird for pretty much any other artist on the face of the earth, but readers should remember that the singer’s second album, generally known as When the Pawn…, was in fact an eight-line poem. It’s likely that the singer’s audience will take to abbreviating the new album’s title as simply The Idler Wheel, since that is easier to remember than a 23-character acronym. As of yet there is no official release date set for The Idler Wheel, but Epic is planning to have it stores sometime in June. The singer has committed to a number of tour dates in the near future, including a small theater tour later this month and a set at the Governor’s Ball festival in New York City in June.

OMG … I LOVE this title! The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do is a very clever title, even tho it’s not as long as her sophomore album When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king What he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight And he’ll win the whole thing ‘fore he enters the ring There’s no body to batter when your mind is your might So when you go solo, you hold your own hand And remember that depth is the greatest of heights And if you know where you stand, then you know where to land And if you fall it won’t matter, cause you’ll know that you’re right (yes, that is the full title of her second album). I really expected no less from Fiona and I am quite convinced that The Idler Wheel is Wiser … will be an amazing collection of songs. I’d LOVE to see Fiona on tour this Spring but unless she brings her tour to SoCal, I don’t think I can swing it this time. Still, I’m quite happy to know that her new album is set for a June release … so now I can begin counting down the days.

So I gotta know, Fiona fans … what do YOU think of this album title?


  • MM

    Best news ever!! Can’t wait!!!

    All of her past 3 albums have been so amazingly brilliant (not to mention therapeutic) so I am counting on this one to do the same.

    Yay for new Fiona!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Such AMAZING news… with you on the So. Cal. tour thing. REALLY hope she plays anywhere close to So.Cal. Will make every effort. I got to see her live before shadow boxer really hit the airwaves. And a few times since, but really needing my Fiona fix again soon!

  • Krissy

    She has jerked my emotions around so much in the past waiting for new music…I feel like I can FINALLY let myself get excited!

    June? Yippee!!!!

    ::krissy does little dance of joy::

  • Lorraine

    love this lady, really looking for to more from her.

  • Mariah


  • Lo

    Oh my god. So excited. I first saw her in 119, I was in 7th grade and so starstruck.