Apple Reveals The iPad 3


Right on schedule, Apple held it’s annual iPad event in San Francisco, CA today and as anticipated announced the forthcoming release of the latest generation iPad — the iPad 3. Faster processor, high-resolution retina display screen, new camera and more! The capacity of the new iPad will be the same as the iPad 2 (16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb) but it will also cost the same … that means, no higher prices for more capability. The big bummer, I think, is the news that the new iPad will not offer Siri voice commands. Click below for a run down of what the iPad 3 will offer when it goes on sale on March 16.

After months of anticipation, Apple has announced the third generation of the iPad. Prices are $499/$599/$699 for Wi-Fi-only models in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Models with LTE 4G cost $629/$729/$829 respectively. The new iPad has a 2048×1536 retina display, which is 3.1 million pixels. By comparison, a 1080p display has 1920×180 resolution. For more of the math behind retina displays, check out our post by Richard Gaywood. It also has an A5X processor and quad-core graphics, iSight Camera with a 5-megapixel backside camera, 5-element lens, IR filter and ISP built into the processor and 1080p video recording. Other features include voice recording, which isn’t quite the Siri that everyone was expecting, but does support English (US, British, Australian), French, German and Japanese. The new iPad will be available with 4G LTE on AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Bell and Telus in the US and Canada. It will be able to be a personal hotspot if the carrier supports it. Pre-orders are available today, and the updated iPad goes on sale March 16 in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

I’ve held off on buying an iPad in the hopes that the newest version would knock my socks off with features. I love lots of capacity (especially for a device that will hold video) and I’m just not impressed by a max capacity of 64Gb. I’ve played with the iPad 2 (David has one) but I’m just not really taken with the device just yet. Sure, it’d be great to watch movies on it’s bigger screen but I am much more an iPhone user than an iPad user. The upgraded camera on the back of the device is nice but the shitty camera on the front (the ONLY camera most people use, especially for video chatting) remains low res and unusable for real photography. I really thought the iPad 3 would be the one to get me to buy … but alas, no. Still, I’m certain Apple will be selling millions of these new devices right out of the gate. Folks have been shelling out the bucks for iPads since they were first announced in 2010 … this latest generation is just the best version of the device for the same price as the previous model — folks will LOVE that. I will continue to wait for an iPad I simply cannot live without. Unfortch, this new iPad 3 is not that device.

Are any of y’all lookin’ to buy this new iPad? Does this new version have all of the features you gotta have?

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  • Meghan

    Meh…I have the Ipad 2, not sure I’ll shell out for the 3 since a new Iphone will be coming soon.

  • Shannon

    We have an iPad but I think I’ve used it twice. I’ve had an iPhone since i guess mid 2007 and do everything on it. I find the iPad clumsy and awkward and I’m afraid I’m gonna break that bitch so easily. I don’t mind things being tinier as long as its easier to use.

  • Ella

    Damn, I was hoping it would have an SD card reader. Been holding out til they decide to put one of those in so I can travel with just an iPad and back up my photos there… but alas, not this model. :(

  • ashley

    I just hope this makes the price for the iPad 2 drop (I don’t see why it wouldn’t!). My mom has wanted one FOREVER, but won’t splurge on herself, and her birthday is April 3 – an iPad 2 would be the perfect gift!

    • Katie

      They said the iPad 2 will be $399 now.

      I’m still trying to decide if I want to get one. I have the iPad 2 & adore it.

  • BellaGrace

    @Ashley – I have a fam member that works for Apple Store and told me that they believe the Ipad2 will sell for cheaper til they’re all sold out, like the Iphone versions. I’m thinking since there’s nothing crazy new with the 3 that’s how I’m going too!! :)

  • AmandaMarie

    Nope. Not impressed. I am muchly impressed with my iPhone 4s. I’ll be using this phone until the networks reject it.

  • iremsu

    yeah im impressed this was really good for us!! i should buy it it was awesome!!!!!

  • ceren

    yess! mee too!!! i think that it was awesome too.Im exepting iremsu.

  • One day I’ll have enough disposable income to take part in this Apple arms race. I like it. It’s shiny. For now, I’ll just stare.