Prince Harry Races Usain Bolt In Jamaica


Last Saturday we saw cute photos of Prince Harry dancing his buns off in the streets of Belize as he tours the world on a Diamond Jubilee tour in celebration of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary as reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Yesterday, we saw Harry all dolled up in his military best during his visit to the Bahamas over the weekend. Today we get to see photos from Prince Harry’s stop in Jamaica where he not only raced the fasted man in the world, Usain Bolt, but managed to beat him as well! Erm, it should be noted that Harry kinda cheated for his win but … hey, a win’s a win! Check out the fun photos below.

When you are facing the fastest man who has ever lived in a 20 yard dash then there is only one thing for it. Cheat. Not the most sporting option, admittedly. But the grin on Prince Harry’s face as he crossed the finishing line ahead of world record holder Usain Bolt in Jamaica yesterday said it all. The two men met at an athletics track in the capital Kingston on the first of a four day visit to the Caribbean Island on behalf of the Queen. Harry had already privately admitted to being slightly nervous at the showdown with Bolt, who is royalty in his home country. And with good reason. The poster boy of athletics holds five world records and three Olympic golds. His 9.58 second time in the 100m is unlikely to be beaten for some time – if ever. He also holds the world record over 200m of 19.9. Called to the starting blocks to limber up, Harry – who was sportingly wearing a tracksuit, running top and trainers in the Jamaican national colours of black, gold and green – took a cheeky sidelong look at his rival and then sprinted off before the officials could even utter the words ‘ready, steady go’. To Bolt’s astonishment, he jumped the gun and hared down the track roaring with laughter, flinging his arms out in triumph as he crossed the finish line – and leaving one of the finest athletes the world has ever seen jogging helplessly after him with his hands in the air in mock indignation. Aides insisted that the race hadn’t been stunted. ‘It was just a spur of the moment thing,’ said one. ‘Prince Harry just went with it. That’s what he is like.’ Fortunately the champion’s ego wasn’t remotely dented and the pair hugged and slapped each other’s backs as they walked, laughing, back to the start. To make up for his trick, Harry good naturedly agreed to mimic the track star’s famous ‘lightning Bolt’ pose for the cameras. ‘Come on man, let’s do it,’ the prince laughed. Afterwards Bolt told the Mail: ‘Yeah, man, he cheated. He knew he couldn’t beat me but wanted to go back to London saying he did. I’ve told him I want a rematch at London 2012 but Harry said “I’m busy”. It was good, though. He cheated, but it is good, he was cool. He is very down to earth and charming. It was an honour and a pleasure to meet him. He is a really laid back guy, a wonderful person. He is professional but no like a lot of the dignitaries you meet. I’m the still the fastest man in the world, so he still has a long way to go. I told him that he better make time for a rematch. Because it’s on.’

OMG … LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This is pure Prince Harry. I really love that Harry isn’t just visiting these countries like a regular ol’ dignitary … he is having a blast and is charming the pants off of everyone. I’m impressed, really. I think Prince Harry should bring his tour here to the US again but … that’s just me being selfish. Prince Harry still has a few more stops on this tour … but we’ll have to wait and see what he will get up to next.


  • nicole

    Harry just awesome

  • katie

    Ugh, he is just beyond adorable! The video on daily mail was so cute. He seriously has a great way with people. He has had a few issues in the past but has grown into a really good representative for his country.

  • Jenni

    love himmmm!!!

  • Shan

    He’s the kind of guy I want to date, play sports with, be friends with, or just have drinks with! And the best part about him I think is that he is authentic. He’s not putting on any of this for show, its just the way he is. Very cool.

  • Katie

    LOVE this! He seems like the kind of person you could hang out with for days and never be bored. I second the comment about coming back to America! Ha!