Heavily Pregnant Hilary Duff Weekends In Montecito With Hubby


This morning we heard from Hilary Duff herself that she enjoyed a “perfect and beautiful” weekend with her hubby, Mike Comrie, in Montecito, CA — where they wed. A couple of weeks ago in mid February, we saw the absolutely adorable Twitter pic of very pregnant Hilary smooching her husband Mike Comrie. Back then we thought that she could be birthing that baby any day, much like Jessica Simpson, who again we saw this morning heavily pregnant, and still waiting. I think it could be a race between Jess and Hilary to see who is going to give birth first. The bubs could even be twins. Either way, they’re going to be close in age for sure!

Hilary tweeted this morning, “spent an amazing weekend in montacito (where mc&i) got hitched!perfect & beautiful! who knows could be the last weekend it’s just the 2 of us :0″

This says to me that Hilary could be due this week and is waiting to see what day the baby arrives. I think it is so lovely that Mike and her went away to the place where they got married for a final weekend just the two of them, for a BABYMOON. It is pretty crazy that for first time parents it goes from 2 to 3 and then forever changes them into a family. Hilary is right, this could be the very last time they are just them!

As I said earlier this morning about Jess’s baby, I am so excited for the day when we can let you know that this bub has arrived too. I really do think that it is anyone’s guess as to which of the two heavily pregnant moms-to-be, Jess Simpson or Hilary, will give birth first… they could even be in the hospital together! Who do you think will be first of the two?

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  • Lauren

    I’m happy for them!! But Hil spelled Montecito wrong. Oh, well. Cheers to the parents to be!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SHe is so cute!! I love this couple.

  • Courtney

    Hilary is due in Mid-March Jessica isn’t till mid-late April though there’s rumors she’s having twins so that means early delivery but hopefully 37 weeks which is considered term for twins. first born singletons are usually late and so what if Hilary spelled Nontecito wrong everybody spells things wrong sometimes

  • Miguel

    She looks so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the baby boy. :D

  • so cute le couple hilary et mike comrie