Watch: Lindsay Lohan Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’, Jack White Performs


A couple of weeks ago we learned that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan booked her 4th hosting gig on Saturday Night Live and last night, we got to see her in action on the show. So how did she do? Well, to be honest, I can’t say that I was very impressed with SNL last night at all … and not only because of Lindsay’s hosting performance. Many critics are saying that last night’s ep of SNL, with L. Lo as host, was the worst ep of the season thus far … but that determination really should be left up to the individual viewer. Click below to see the SNL skits that featured host Lindsay Lohan and see what you think. You can also watch the performances by musical guest Jack White which, IMHO, were the best parts of the show last night. Did Lindsay slay as guest host of Saturday Night Live last night? You be the judge.

Lindsay Lohan’s opening monologue:

The Real Housewives of Disney:

The Psychic Awards:

Scared Straight:

Deliquent Girl Teen Gang:

B108 FM:

House Sitting:

Rude Buddha:

As was expected from SNL, the material provided by the writers was far from funny and, overall, was about as disappointing entertainmentwise as the show has been in past weeks/months/years. That being said, the show was even more unwatchable, IMHO, with Lindsay at the helm as host. Honestly, I’m not even trying to knock Lindsay’s hard work (well, work) because it is no small task to perform comedy live in front of a national televison audience. But I personally felt that last night’s ep of SNL was not only painful to watch because of the unfunny content but also because Lindsay wasn’t so much acting as she was standing around in costumes reading cue cards all night long :/ The recent episode with Maya Rudolph as host was just really funny … all around. She was funny, the content was funny … her ability to make the show better actually made the show better. Then again, Maya is a working comedic actress who makes comedy look easy. Lindsay hasn’t worked in ages — AGES — so it really should come as no surprise that she doesn’t possess the skills to entertain just yet. I will say she was cute in the Disney Housewives skit … but I found myself cringing thru the rest of her skits — most particularly, the Scared Straight skit when she couldn’t even get thru reading the cue cards properly. OY! The producers who cast Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in that upcoming Lifetime TV movie should be worried. If this is where Lindsay is at with her acting ability and production on the Taylor film is due to start soon, they are in a heap of trouble.

The most exciting parts of the show last night for me were the musical performances by Jack White. He performed two songs from his upcoming solo album Blunderbuss. Here is video of his performances of the songs Love Interruption and Sixteen Saltines:

Jack alone made last night’s ep of SNL worth watching, IMHO. I guess I just feel like last night was a wasted opportunity for Lindsay to truly show the world she is ready to get back to acting. She’s just not ready yet. If she cannot shine on a hand-holding show like Saturday Night Live, I honestly do not believe she has any business acting in any real movie projects. She needs more time to get her skills in order, a fact that was clearly evident to me watching SNL last night.

So … I gotta know … what did y’all think? Am I just being too hard? What did YOU think of Lindsay Lohan’s performance on SNL last night?


  • shannon

    I found myself nodding in agreement (not so much laughing) with the B108 sketch. It’s true that we Minnesotans get excited about school closings and brag about making it into work during snowstorms. Even if we’re not students or we have the day off already.

    • Emily

      Haha all I kept thinking during that sketch was how little snow we got this winter!

  • Ara

    I think if you want Hollywood to take you seriously again you would have been prepared and learned all of your lines. Maybe she was nervous in the beginning but in the scared straight skit you could see her obvious line reading it was horrible. Every time she turned her head to the cue cards I was like don’t do it lol. I am not a huge fan of hers but I rooting for her to do well last night. I loved the Disney Real Housewife skit, that one actually made me laugh.

  • Fabio

    Maybe she is jumping the gun in doing this, she should really start at the bottom, maybe some community theatre, acting lessons and guest appearances on tv, then she should move on to movies.

    • Jstar

      @Fabio–I agree 100%

  • XLoomis

    This may be the first time Lindsay Lohan had trouble doing lines


    • Dezden


      I tried to watch starting about halfway through, but it was sooo boring.

    • dc

      @XLoomis – LOL. Thanks for making my day.

    • Siobhan

      So messed up, but I am laughing my ass off lol.

    • Katie

      Ha ha! Best comment ever!

  • Cheryl

    I think it’s time that people stop giving her chances. She blows every one of them.

  • kendra

    I think her 90-year old smoker voice is enough of a reason to take the Elizabeth Taylor role away from her..Liz Taylor’s voice has always been way softer than that..Add to that her horrible acting skills and the movie is doomed if they keep her!

  • Kel

    @xloomis: bwahahaha! awesome

  • KJ

    Can we all agree that they somehow made her look youthful again? Don’t ask me how, she just looked better last night than usual.

  • teri

    I agree I thought it was very un-funny and her having trouble reading cue cards was very telling. And that whole 108 radio show skit was just odd. I live in MN and yes, we have school closings/delays due to snow/winter but it’s not THAT big of deal the way they portrayed it…whatever. The funniest part was the news segment and interview with “Snookie”.


    You can tell by the dialogue and the regular cast members that it was just all-around awful. Lindsay didn’t help, of course. Man, her face is SOOOOO busted… It’s so sad. Those cheek fillers make her look fat in the face and those lips are atrocious and scary. I don’t think she’s ready. In all honesty, she’s past the point of repair. Not even makeup can hide the fact that she’s busted and not even Photoshop is helping, either. You can just tell. She’s done.

  • LStu

    The only skit worth while was the princess bit and it was pretaped. I will say in her defense that she didn’t write any of that, she just read it off the cue cards 9sort of).

  • Bea

    I almost think that SNL did that on purpose (create a really crappy show when she hosts) cuz everyone expected her to fail. Then SNL can get all kind of interest and buzz cuz everyone would then want to see the atrocity for themselves. Look at all the sensation this has created!

    • Krissy

      This isn’t the first time SNL has capitalized on a drug addicted star.

  • Krissy

    I thought she was the worst part of every sketch she was in. The Disney Princess skit worked despite her. Everyone else was hitting their beats, and then her lines would fall flat (even though she looked the part). Her voice is so damaged that it is hard to understand what she was saying most of the time.

    The worst part was even when she would give up pretending and just read straight from the cue card…she still couldn’t get the lines right. Like in the Scared Straight sketch. She had a hard time reading her own name.

  • Krissy

    Oh, and Jack White was amazing!

  • cutitout

    Hey, you can’t make lemonade out of grapes. Snl just has not been that funny lately, I’m really only ever there for Kristen Wiig, “whats up with that” and “Stefaan” Maya, Tina, Jimmy, Horatio, Ferrel, and Amy all made the show. She did OK but looking at these clips again, I just don’t think anyone could have made them that much funnier.

    At the end of the day, It really doesn’t/didn’t matter how well she did, Folks who panned her would have found some reason to pan her anyway because she’s Lindsay Lohan and thats just what is done nowadays. She needs to focus on the E. Taylor project, That was/will be a much better guage of what she has to offer. SNl/live Comedy is one of the hardest things to do, period. I would not have chosen that as an angle to make a comeback.

  • nicole

    i dont completely blame Linsday. SNL has been horrible lately,they need new writers. as for linsday referring to the cue cards alot, hell even the regulars have gotten horrible with them.
    i think SNL was a bit much a bit too soon. she would have been better off getting some tv guest spots, then do SNL.

  • Lexifer

    I personally loved the princess skit. And her voice pretty much always sounded like that, it’s always been a little husky.

  • Krissy

    It was a hot mess of illiteracy.

  • Lauri

    Can I just marry Jack White?
    I’m not even going to bother watching the skits. Even without Lindsey’s inability to prepare (?) they’ve been awful lately.

  • michelle

    What in heaven’s name has she done to her face? this girl isn’t even 30 yet and looks like she got hit in the face with a bat?? If she’s not the poster image for bad plastic surgery, then I don’t know who is. ugh!!
    It was distracting, aside from her bad, bad acting..her face was just WEIRD!!!