Kylie Minogue Shines At The Sydney Mardi Gras


Kylie Minogue is celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music biz this year with a year long K25 celebration and part of that celebration took place this weekend in Sydney, Australia where Kylie headlined the Sydney Mardi Gras celebration. Festooned in sequins and feathers, like the Showgirl that she is, Kylie took to the stage to entertain her beloved fans in Oz this weekend … and she looked utterly fantastic doing so! Click below to check out some photos from Kylie’s Mardi Gras performance this weekend and be WOW WOW WOWed.

She’s one of the biggest stars to come out of Australia and always been an icon to the gay community. So when it came to celebrating her 25th year in the music industry, Sydney Mardi Gras was the perfect occasion to mark Kylie Minogue’s Silver anniversary. The singer, 43, was the guest of honour at the annual gay, lesbian and transgender parade in Sydney’s Oxford Street, before performing at the after-party. When it came to her wardrobe, she didn’t disappoint, slipping into two sexy Jean Paul Gaultier creations and a headdress by London milliner Stephen Jones on stage and a daring Pucci backless dress. The diminutive star, who last attended Mardi Gras in 1998, was honoured with her own Kylie-themed float during the parade, which was witnessed by 300,000 spectators. Despite the rain, the crowds were in high spirits as they matched the two and a half hour spectacle. And Kylie was obviously thrilled with her float, writing on Twitter: ‘Happy Mardi Gras. Love, love and LOVE!!!. ‘Still simply cannot believe the amount of people who were in or helped create the K25 float. #shouldbesleepingbynow. ‘ThkU THANK YOU @SydneyMardiGras & Mardigrasland… YOU were amazing… I am #happytiredwiredrelievedamazedgrateful.

Kylie is SO amazing to her fans. I was neither surprised nor shocked when it was reported that Kylie would be headlining Sydney Mardi Gras this year. Even if she weren’t celebrating her 25th anniversary in music, I’m certain she would’ve been happy to perform for her Aussie gays and lesbians. What a fantastic event. Kylie looks fab … and K25 continues to unfold. Woot!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Melissa

    Yay Sydney!!! Love the Mardis Gras!!

  • Diego

    I wish I was there for Kylie’s performance! I saw only one SMG two years ago :S

  • Dennis

    Kylie also announced 2 of the dates for her Anti Tour in Sidney!!! Lets hope she brings it state side for a few dates as well!!!!