‘Harry Potter’ Star Rupert Grint Buys Himself An Ice Cream Truck


Many celebrities like to spend their hard earned millions on lots of crazy things … big houses, fancy jewelry, extravagant cars … Hell, Justin Bieber just got a $100k car for his 18th birthday. But Harry Potter star Rupert Grint decided to spend part of his dough on a much more fun vehicle. Apparently, it was always a dream of Grint’s to own his own ice cream truck … so now that he can afford it, that is exactly what he bought for himself. Click below to check out Rupert’s sweet new ride.

Hearing that their son wants to enter the highly precarious world of professional acting is every parent’s secret nightmare. When their other son then announces his ambition to become a professional rally driver, most parents would throw up their hands in utter despair. Luckily for the Grints, their sons’ far-fetched dreams turned out perfectly … Despite his colossal wealth, Rupert, 23, has refused to yield to the obvious temptation of luxuries such as high-end supercars. For this Live shoot, his choice of vehicle is a 1974 Mr Whippy Bedford van – one of his first purchases when the Potter cash began rolling in (although it’s not his only car) … ‘I was the first of the Potter actors to learn to drive. I passed my test at the second time of trying. On the set, there’d always be a lot of talk about cars among the cast, although Daniel Radcliffe never joined in. He’s never been into cars at all. ‘My first ambition was to become an ice-cream man, which is why I bought the Bedford van. Not long after I first got it, I pulled into a pub to do a U-turn and there were eight kids with their pocket money out, hoping to buy a 99 or whatever. But I had nothing to give them. I’ve learnt my lesson since then. I keep my van well stocked. It’s got a proper machine that dispenses Mr Whippy ice cream and I buy my lollies wholesale – 50 for a tenner – so I never run short. I’m not allowed to sell my merchandise. I’d need a licence for that. I tend to avoid July and August, but the rest of the year I’ll drive around the local villages and if I see some kids looking like they’re in need of ice creams, I’ll pull over and dish them out for free. They’ll say, “Ain’t you Ron Weasley?” And I’ll say, “It’s strange, I get asked that a lot.” The van often comes in useful. I drove it up to the set on the last day of filming on Harry Potter. The cast and crew were having a barbecue and I supplied the lollies and ice creams.’

This has to be THE coolest thing I’ve ever heard before EVER! Rupert Grint for the motherf*cking win! This is brilliant … just brilliant. I’ve heard of celebrity indulgences but this really takes the cake … er, the ice cream cake. How cool is it that Rupert just rolls into town to deliver free ice cream and treats? I just love him … entirely. Best. Car. Ever.


  • Stephanie Gomez

    I think he’s had that truck since 2007 -_- But it’s still awesome. I’d buy ice cream from him any time ;)

    • Cat

      Yah, this is so old news. He would bring his ice cream truck on set and give out ice cream

  • wow, this is SUCH old news, but cute news nonetheless. i’m actually surprised you posted this, trent, and not melissa. whoops.

  • Pumpkin

    I saw an interview, I think it was on Craig Ferguson, with Rupert Grint talking about buying an ice cream truck. I thought then that it was the coolest thing ever. I think it’s hillarious that he drives around looking for kids in need of ice cream. What a sweetheart!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Yes, he has had the ice cream truck for a good while. My favorite story about the ice cream truck is how he brought it to the Harry Potter set and gave everyone free ice cream! How awesome!

  • Faith

    Yeah, he’s had the ice cream truck foreveeeer. It’s so awesome though, I love that kid.

  • stevietv

    yeah, the article says “one of his first purchases when the Potter cash began rolling in (although it’s not his only car) “, though I wouldn’t mind him showing up with free Mr Whippy!

  • Megan

    frickin adorable :)

  • Nathan

    He’s had the truck for a minimum of a few years. He talked about bringing it to set a couple years ago – I think on the Ellen show.

    • @Nathan — Great! So he’s been awesome for longer than I knew ;)

  • Alys

    Holy shit, he’s my hero. LOVE IT.

  • Junior Mint

    Well I did not know he had an ice cream truck! Thanks Trent, for the post and all of you other snooty beyotches can get off of your gossip high horses! Damn, just because you know doesn’t mean everyone did, geez!

  • Denise

    I love the way he talks:)

  • Doo Doo Brown

    the fuck is a lollie?

  • AAK

    A lollie is a lollipop.

    • Amanda Rethman

      lolz Americans

  • Not a lollipop.

    Abbreviation for ‘ice lolly’ {frozen fruit juice on a stick}

  • Ashhhhh

    So a Popsicle ( America) or iceblock (australia)