Spotted: Jessica Alba Having a Girls Week In Paris With Her Sister In Law


On Wednesday, hot momma Jessica Alba was spotted at LAX catching a flight. She turned up yesterday in none other than gorgeous City Of Lights, Paris, and has been tweeting pics and stories from her Parisian sojourn. On Friday we got to see pics of her frolicking around the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) and she tweeted, “comment allez-vous aujourd’hui” posting a candid, happy snap of her with her sister in law, Nikki, in a cafe. It seems like Jess has been having a great vacation in the world’s most romantic city but she is there with her sis in law, Nikki rather than her hubby, Cash Warren. The past few weeks we have been seeing lots of cute pics of Jess, Cash and their cute baby daughters, Haven and Honor, hanging out as a family. Maybe this trip was a way for Jess to have some time out from being mom and wife. She is sure having a ball. Check out the pics..

Jessica has been going tweet crazy posting pics of her trip too. She first told us that she was there with Nikki and then has regularly updated us on their daily doings, including champagne in the hotel, cappuccinos, shopping, strolling and sightseeing. It seems like Nikki and her are having such a great time. It’s such fun going on vacation with them, well sort of. Check out some of the pics Jess has tweeted. Happy vacation ladies!

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  • Jess

    I believe Nikki is Jessica’s brothers wife not Cash’s sister.

  • Claire

    Wow, good for her. That’s nice. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere alone with my sister in law, especially to a different country!