Prince Harry Dances In The Streets In Belize


Last month we learned that Prince William made his way to the Falklands Islands to help keep the peace during the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Falklands War. Today we learn that his younger brother Prince Harry is also abroad on official duty … but Harry’s task looks like much more fun. Prince Harry is touring Central America and the Caribbean on a Diamond Jubilee tour in celebration of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year as reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. As part of Harry’s duties, he was required to bust a move and dance his ass off with the locals in Belize this week. A job that he is WELL EQUIPPED for :)

His private secretary boasted Prince Harry would bring his ‘own brand of enthusiasm’ to his Diamond Jubilee tour of Central America and the Caribbean. And the fun-loving royal certainly proved him right, as he had a ball knocking back drinks and dancing with the locals in Belize tonight. It was the first day of his week-long tour of Commonwealth countries in the region, which is also his first solo overseas trip representing his grandmother, and he approached the situation with gusto. The 27-year-old must have burned more than a few calories as he cavorted with a spirited middle-aged lady during the celebrations. He twisted and jived around the dance floor as the unlikely couple showed off some of their best moves during the Jubilee Block Party in Balmopan. And by the end of the song even the super-fit Army officer would have felt like a drink to quench his thirst. His Royal Highness certainly did that with some relish, and was seen sampling a dazzling array of spirits and cocktails as he enjoyed the local hospitality. The celebrations followed a ceremony for the newly named HM Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, where the Prince delivered a message to the people from his grandmother. Harry told the crowd of about 2,000: ‘Her Majesty has asked me to send her good wishes to you all. She remembers so fondly her visits to this beautiful realm and speaks of the warmth of welcome she received on her most recent visit in 1994. I’m only sorry she can’t make it and you’re stuck with me.’ Harry went on to praise the Queen, telling the audience, ‘Though I am her grandson, I know I speak for everyone when I say, Your Majesty, you are an inspiration to us all. And it, therefore, just remains for me to name this street Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard’ … Once the royal had got his breath back it was not long before Harry decided it was time to return to the dance floor. And his moves were even more extravagant as he enjoyed another spin, this time with a pretty young lady. In fact it seems the Prince of Wales’ youngest son is a big fan of Saturday Night Fever if some of the shapes he was throwing are anything to go by. Captain Wales was certainly an officer and a gentleman throughout though though, and he made sure he was also winning over hearts and minds by mingling with the crowd.

I mean … it is IMPOSSIBLE not to love this guy! He looks like he is a lot of fun, good-spirited and really easy to hang out with. It’s hard to remember that he is an actual prince when you see fun photos like these of homeboy busting a move. I know that Harry’s Diamond Jubliee tour has only just begun but it appears that he is off to a GREAT start!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Jay

    Haha, that’s awesome! I was in Belize for my Honeymoon very recently and I guarantee the locals showed him a great time. ;)

  • Oscar

    He looks great in a guayabera.

  • Sarah

    It’s great that the Queen’s jubilee will be celebrated all around the world and especially in the UK’s Crown Dependencies, the UK’s Overseas Territories, and Commonwealth since many of these countries still treasure a lot of British values and British history would never be the same without them. I am proud that our country will contribute to the celebrations