P!nk Begins Work On A New Album


Popstar P!nk took some time off in the past couple of years to rekindle her marriage to husband Carey Hart and to have baby Willow Sage. But, after her time away from the spotlight, it would appear that Ms. Alecia Moore is ready to get back to work. P!nk updated her official Twitter profile with a photo from Instagram showing off her new pink hair … a sign that she is ready to get to work on a new album of new music.

Back to Basics;) / Okay the hair is the palest pink…. You know what that means!!!!!!!!!! NEW RECORD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! / Let’s get to making some tuuuunes. Looney tunes.

In all honesty, P!nk isn’t my all-time fave popstar but I do enjoy much of her music. I know she is one of the realest musicians out there with a genuine love of her fans. I’m quite certain that the recent changes in P!nk’s life will inform the kind of music she will make for her new album and I am excited to hear it. Depending on how quickly P!nk works, we will likely hear new stuff from her sometime next year so … get ready. Are you excited for the return of P!nk?


  • Grace

    I’m like you, Trent: I’m not the biggest fan of P!nk’s music but I just really like her. She seems very genuine and has a great attitude.
    I’ll definitely give her new stuff a listen.

  • Dezden

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I love Pink & her music. I am praying she’ll legit tour the US with this… one of my biggest regrets is passing on a contest where I one Pink tickets because the closest show was quite far away.