Nicole Kidman Is Replacing Rachel Weisz As Colin Firth’s Wife In The Film ‘The Railway Man’


The Railway Man is a new movie from a UK-Australian production company. It is scheduled to begin shooting in April and has just announced a new cast member – Aussie darling, Nicole Kidman. Nic has been cast as Colin Firth’s wife, replacing Rachel Weisz who was originally given the role. The film is a war-time drama based on the life history of Eric Lomax and his horrific experiences as a Japanese prisoner in World War II. It also chronicles the remarkable reconciliation Eric has with one of his captors 30 years later. Colin is playing the role of Eric and Nicole has been cast as his wife. This is set to be a great dramatic role for both Nic and Colin, and of course being a proud Aussie, I’m happy to say that part of the movie will be filmed in the Gold Coast in Australia.

Rachel Weisz was originally cast but had to drop out of the project because of all her other work. She is currently working on The Bourne Legacy and Oz: The Great and Powerful. I love Rachel and think she would have been excellent in this role, but I’m also excited to see how Nicole does in it. The role is going to be a very challenging one requiring strong female acting. Patti, Eric’s wife, played a major part in helping him to face up the longstanding psychological damage he suffered from his wartime experiences and she is also critical in bringing him back together with one of the Japanese officers who had participated in his torture. Rachel has an obviously appropriate look for the role, in my opinion, and as much as I adore Nic because she’s Aussie, I am not sure she has the same presence as Rachel.

The Railway Man is in pre-production stages now and will shoot in Scotland before moving to Australia’s Gold Coast for the WWII section. I am always proud to hear of a film making use of Australian talent (I know, I’m biased) but this does sound like a great drama story and the autobiography of Eric Lomax and his WWII experiences would make a great film. I am just a little nervous to see how Nicole handles the role. What do you think of the casting?

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