Casting News Suggests ‘Cougar Town’ Will Be Canceled At The End Of This Season


Sad news for fans of Cougar Town … it now seems HIGHLY unlikely that the brilliant ABC comedy will return next Fall for a fourth season. Earlier in the week, it was reported that actor Josh Hopkins, who plays Grayson on Cougar Town, has been cast in an NBC drama set to debut this Fall. Today we learn that actor Dan Byrd, who plays Travis, has been cast in a CBS sitcom. Considering Josh plays Courteney Cox’s fiancée and Dan plays her son, it seems pretty evident that the show will be dunzo at the end of this current third season.

NBC is betting against Cougar Town getting a fourth season. The network has cast the show’s leading man, Josh Hopkins, in Lady Friends, Kari Lizer’s comedy pilot about two life-long female pals — Nicole (Better Off Ted‘s Andrea Anders) and Jen — who are living very different lives but can’t live without each other. Hopkins would play Nicole’s hubby. The gig is in second position to Cougar Town, which essentially means NBC will be forced to recast Hopkins’ role should ABC renew C-Town for a fourth season (as well all hope it will.) In anticipation of Hopkins’ news leaking, C-Town co-creator Bill Lawrence took to Twitter to assure the show’s fans that “the odds of Cougar Town coming back are the same,” adding, “But if it’s a coin flip, I don’t want actors to be jobless/cashless… I want them to go out, make $$, then have to be recast because our show comes back. I still believe — promise.”

When news of Hopkins’s casting came out, I kinda just ignored it … hoping that there would be a likelihood that Cougar Town will return for another season. But news of Dan Byrd’s casting on a CBS show has pretty much dashed my hopes completely:

Another Cougar Town co-star has booked a pilot in second position. Dan Byrd has closed a deal for the lead in CBS’ untitled Louis CK/Spike Feresten multicamera comedy pilot, an ensemble of young people trying to achieve their creative dreams in these tough financial times. It centers on Fred (Byrd), a bright but broke film editor who can’t stand stupidity and serves as a sardonic observer of people and their foibles. Louis CK and Feresten wrote the pilot, which will be directed by Andy Ackerman. BermanBraun and CBS TV Studios are producing, Byrd, repped by ICM and Dan Spilo at Industry, plays Courteney Cox’s son Travis on Cougar Town. He joins fellow co-star Josh Hopkins, who also signed on for a pilot (NBC’s Kari Lizer comedy) as Cougar Town appears unlikely to be renewed.

Blah. I mean, it is POSSIBLE that Cougar Town could be renewed and A.) that NBC show will have to recast Josh Hopkins and B.) they can more forward without Dan Byrd but … the writing seems pretty clear on the wall to me. If you look at the way that ABC slashed the current third season of Cougar Town, treating it like a hated step-child, it seems pretty unlikely that they want to invest in the show anymore. It looks like the eps of Cougar Town that are airing now are the last that we’re going to get … so we better enjoy them while we still can. I am finally caught up with the new eps (I missed a few while we were traveling in Europe last month) and I am LOVING this new (seemingly final) season. I know the show hasn’t officially been canceled just yet but … blah, I already feel like mourning :(

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  • ClaireMichelle

    Hey, this happend with Happy Endings’ star Damon Wayans Jr. when they didn’t know if HE would be renewed he filmed the New Girl pilot but HE was picked up for a second season so New Girl had to get rid of his character and recast on the second episode. Don’t give up hope yet! PENNY CAN!

    • @ClaireMichelle — PENNY CAN!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Sarah

      I like coco-rock better, lol!

  • Jake

    According to Tvline, both of these casting are “second position” meaning that if cougar town is renewed, the actors will stick with the show and the pilot will have to recast.

    • @Jake — Sigh. We’ll see.

  • Al

    This is heartbreaking. I love love LOVE this show :(

  • nicole

    oh i hope not i love this show

  • cal

    Abed will be gutted (so will I)

  • Jo

    cougar town needs more BARB. she’s the real cougar!!

  • Nathan

    It was a show I watched every week but when ABC pushed it back to a late start, I knew it was ending and just didn’t care to start watching it again this season.

  • Shavonne


    Seriously, it’s not the fans’ fault that they pushed the show back 5 months from when it was supposed to come back! I will be so very sad :(

  • Christie Jamieson

    NOOOOOOO, this is one of the funniest shows to come along is so long. What am I going to watch while pounding grape now? So sad, and I am not going to give up hope yet we need to rally people. Lets start a page or something to get viewership up and save this hilarious show!!!!!

  • Meg

    Say it ain’t so! I love this show! :(