The First Run


So … I officially started running. As I’ve briefly mentioned a bit on the blog, I’ve been thinking about running for the past few months ever since David and I went to San Francisco, CA to support his sisters in the Nike Women’s Marathon last October. In January, I learned that Disneyland is hosting a half marathon in September and I decided to take the plunge and start running. I have 6 full months to train for the half marathon in September and yesterday was my first, official run. It wasn’t easy but it was fun … and off I go toward becoming a runner.

Let’s be real here … y’all know I am the laziest mofo on the planet. I don’t do anything … ever. But, once upon a time … many, many moons ago … I used to run recreationally. My favorite part of the run, to be honest, was the music in my playlist. I whipped together a pretty decent playlist for my first run so that helped a lot. No lie, it wasn’t easy. I didn’t run the entire time … I had to walk briskly a lot … but I’m moving. I’m feeling the run a bit today but not too bad … I think I’m gonna go run again today. I’m really trying to start out slow so that I don’t injure myself. I honestly feel that in 6 months time, I’ll be ready to do the half marathon.

If any of y’all runners out there have advice, tips, food and/or music suggestions, feel free to pass them along. This is new for me so it’s exciting. The excitement will wear off eventually … but I still plan on achieving my goal in September. Heaven help me ;)

No plans for tonight … after my run yesterday, I was wiped. I may be wiped again tonight so … we’ll see. It’s Friday, y’all. I hope you have a great weekend!

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  • I

    I’ve used Hal Higdon’s training guide for every run I’ve ever done – from 5k to a marathon – and it works perfectly for me every time. Good luck on your first half!

  • Rebecca

    I think what you’ve already said is the most important thing: you had FUN! I think it’s easy to start and stop something you feel you HAVE to do, instead of gradually work up stamina and fitness while having a great time. Good for you!! You’ll be sprinting through Toon Town in no time.

  • Amanda

    I agree with the Hal Higdon’s training program comment. They work and before you know it, you’re a runner!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  • AJ

    What kind of shoes do you have in the pic?

    • @AJ — These are Asics (Stability, Level 2), I also have a pair of Brooks (Stability, Level 3)

    • kel

      @Trent: I appreciate your mention of noticing how your feet roll in or out, and picking the right shoes for it. i just got some asics and they make my feet soooooo much happier. Passion Pit is fun to run to, and it is a solid alnbum to listen to from beginning to end.

  • Jay

    Massive Attack got me through my first marathon last year, so I have to recommend them. Good luck! Running and racing are so much fun. I’ve recently made the switch to minimalist running shoes and if I can get through this next marathon injury free, I’ll consider the experiment a success.

  • Andrew

    Oh I’m doing the Disneyland Half too! Really the worst part of running is the actual getting out and going on one in the first place. I love half marathons, they are really fun and once your done you feel awesome for doing it.

    Good luck and keep us posted on it!

    • @Andrew — Awesome!! I guess I’ll see you on September 2 ;)

  • Zanne

    I highly recommend reading /Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen/ by Christopher McDougall! I know several runners (my husband included) who have said that book changed their life. I loved it too but sadly it hasn’t made me a runner – yet – although it has definitely changed the way I approach my workouts, eating, etc. Best of luck!

    • Tori

      I was going to suggest this book too!!! I also bought some Vibram Five Finger running shoes and they have solved all my knee and feet problems…. barefoot running is where its at :)

    • Zanne

      Cool! I think it’s the Vibram 5 fingers that are missing from my workout routine. :) My husband tried the Fila Skeletoes but didn’t like them. He hasn’t tried the Vibrams yet but we’re not sure any of the barefoot-type shoes would work for him b/c he has inredibly long toes. (I’m pretty sure he could hang from a tree by them if need be… ;)

    • @Zanne — I’ll check it out, thanks!!

  • Erin

    I’ve been using couch to 5k to get ready for warrior dash it could help you get a start

  • shereen

    Yay for you! After a few years of not running myself I signed up for a 1/2 marathon too which is this May! I am a big fan of the 10 and 1 method – run 10 mins, walk 1 min. I find after a long run I am not in pain and I feel good, and I can actually run the distance faster by taking the 1 min breaks! If anything it’s a good way to get back into running…slowly building your minutes (e.g. do maybe 5 mins run, 1 min walk for a few weeks, then work your way up to 10). And then you can decide how you feel – if you wanna run the entire distance nonstop, or take the walk breaks :) Good luck!

  • Katherine

    Good for you! Just yesterday I decided to do a full marathon in September!

    I did my first Half-Marathon last September and I feel like a new challenge… did 8km in the cold this morning and it was hard work! I see you have the Nike+ on your shoes? Me too! The coach program is great, I followed it last year to train for the half and am starting the full marathon training program on Monday. Eeeek! best of luck to you!

    The challenges with friends on Nike+ is a great way to motivate yourself as well :)

  • AmandaMarie

    Go #teamtrent yeah… I hash tagged that. ;-)

  • JCZ

    Love to see a workout/running playlist you’ve put together.

    If you need recommendations, I assume you already know to put anything from Femme Fatale on there. Something about running to Til The World Ends is insane. It’s like you’re running from the world ending… cheesy, I know! But very motivating.

    I need fist-pumping dance music, like most. So currently, I would say Turn Me On by Nicki & Dave.

    • rOXy

      Thank you very much JCZ for the music recommend. I was hungry for something new like that.

  • Heather

    I have the women’s version of those shoes!!! yayyyyy

  • Kim

    I started running last year – I did the “Couch to 5k” program that you can find online for free. It’s a nine week program that gets you running for 30 minutes/3 miles without injury. It worked soooo well for me, I recommend it to anyone. I’m running my first half this summer!

  • Marla

    I cannot say enough about how awesome the Disney races are. Everyone is excited, the cast members come to cheer you on, people yell your name when they see it on your race number, characters, etc. Excited for you! Walk breaks while training are essential. C25K is brilliant.

  • Carrie

    The advice my dad always told me was that it’s easier to start slower that feels necessary and gradually work up to your comfort speed than to wind yourself in the first 5 minutes and constantly be trying to catch your breath. Every race I do my first mile or two is more than a minute slower than miles 12 and 13… really!
    Sounds like you’re on the right track!

  • rOXy

    Yay for you, Trent! Don’t worry, the habit will kick in just as the excitement starts to wear thin. Then you will be compelled to run by some unseen force. Every time the weather is “nice”, you will find yourself looking up at the sky and saying, “nice day for a run”, before you happily trot off to put your shoes on. With your light physique, it looks like you were made to run. You did the smart thing by buying the correct shoes to avoid inury.

    Speaking of shoes, I realize your new shoes will carry you for awhile, but also knowing how much of a shoe hound you are, thought you’d like to ogle a pair. Nike Flyknit will be available in July:

    • @rOXy — “Every time the weather is “nice”, you will find yourself looking up at the sky and saying, ‘nice day for a run’, before you happily trot off to put your shoes on.” I hope you’re right … the ONLY way I’ll make it to the half marathon is if I keep up the running over the next 6 months. OY! Also, David and pretty much every other “serious runner” has warned me against running in Nike shoes. Apparently, they are bad for your feet if you run long distances? Can anyone confirm?

    • rOXy

      Ah, well, even if Nike’s aren’t best to run in, those Flyknits look fetching as fashion, especially in hot pink. ;)

    • @rOXy- Oh yes, I love Nike shoes. Even if I don’t run in them, I still wear them for everyday use :)

  • muchacha

    Trent that is so awesome! You’ll have to share your playlists with us. I love to run to anything Britney, I just put all her songs on shuffle and away I go. Someone above commented that there’s something about running to “Till the world ends”, which I totally agree with!!

  • Sara

    I can give you some tips about the course. I believe you said you were doing the DL Half-Marathon, I did that last year and had a blast! I’m actually attending this year as well.

    Anywho, once you start to get into your groove of running do some training on some hills and off the pavement. There are a couple of inclines and the runners do run on dirt, gravel, and inside a baseball stadium. I would practice on those different surfaces and inclines so you will be prepared and not surprised during the race.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Michelle

    After doing the half marathon at Disneyland, come back to Detroit and do the Free Press half marathon in October! I signed up, will be my first half-marathon, and I can’t wait to run across the Ambassador bridge! Also, has some fun playlists made by different djs.