Nicki Minaj Releases The Album Art For Her Sophomore Album


Nicki Minaj has already announced that her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, will be out on April 3 but today we get our first look at the official album cover for the album which Nicki released herself on her official Twitter profile. As you can see below, Nicki seems to have gotten a bit carried away with the fingerpaints … because she is wearing a multitude of colors on her face. Check out the album art in full below and see for yourselves.

You know … I love me some Nicki Minaj. I am usually very happy to champion the inventive and creative way she does things. Hell, I didn’t even really hate her truly bizarre Grammy Awards performance last month. But this album cover … Lord, no …it’s a mess. It’s literally a mess. Not only do I hate that she she is WASTING a huge opportunity by naming her second album Pink Friday again (dumb!) but this messy paintjob is just … not cute. I really hope Nick isn’t going to waste valuable real estate by featuring the album title like this on the final cover art because, yeah, it just looks dumb. I fear Nicki Minaj may have jumped the shark. She thinks at this point she can do whatever she wants and her fans will eat it up. My fear is that if she pushes fans away too far … she won’t ever get them back. I’m worried and unimpressed by this album art. What do you think?


  • Fabio

    I think it’s a cute cover! but really I was hoping for something a bit more dark/weird, I also agree about the name! Pink Friday was all well pink this should have gone for something more dramatic, I’d say this is more a single cover.

  • Amarie

    Hate it compared to the last Pink Friday cover. The last one waa pretty different, this one just looks, weird.

  • nicole

    i thought Roman was suppose to be her “darker side”?
    this is kind of whatever.

  • Izzii

    Roman is a gay boy, therefore I don’t see why the surprise element is even here. Colorful cover equals gayness. I personally LOVE IT.

  • blaqfury

    yeah I don’t like the cover… it looks like it took them 5 mins to do it.

    I was actually one of the people turned off by her Grammy performance, so i’m not as amped to get this upcoming album… i may just purchase a couple singles instead…idk

  • Jess

    Omg it looks like those Lisa Frank stickers I used to collect as a kid!!

  • I don’t like the random “Myspace stars” placed everywhere and the white box on the bottom just makes it look cheap, other than that the cover looks decent, that’s all I have to say