Louis Walsh CONFIRMS That Britney Spears Is In Talks To Join ‘The X Factor’


Now that we know that Janet Jackson is officially OUT of the running as new judge on The X Factor, our attentions can turn more importantly to those rumors that our dear Britney Spears might join the show as judge. This week, Louis Walsh — who is one of the judges on the UK version of The X Factor — sat down for an interview in London on Craig Doyle Live and he confirms that Simon Cowell is in serious talks with Britney to join the show as judge. Click below to read Walsh’s comments on the possibility that Britney might become a new judge on The X Factor.

It was reported last week that Britney Spears is keen to join the judging panel on the X Factor USA. And now Louis Walsh has spoken out about how Simon Cowell is ‘talking’ with the pop star in a bid to sign her on for the show. The music mogul, 59, said on Craig Doyle Live: ‘I was out with Simon Cowell during the week, he’s in London. You know like you do and I know he is talking to Britney. He’s definitely talking to Britney to do his American show. Absolutely true.’ Louis also said that when it comes to the line-up of the UK panel, he doesn’t expect former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland to return. He said: ‘I don’t know. OK, I think I’ll be back, I think Gary will be back. I think Tulisa will be back. Dermot’s definitely back. I’m not sure about Kelly. I’m not sure. No one is contracted guys. I loved Nicole Scherzinger.’ When asked if that meant audiences might see the Pussycat Doll join the judges on the British version of the TV talent show, he said: ‘No, honestly not.’ TV executives at Fox have previously declined to comment on the matter when contacted … but insiders say the 30-year-old songstress is keen to join the hit show. There are two vacant spaces to fill alongside Simon Cowell and LA Reid after Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were fired. Sources have told Us Weekly and Sunday World Brit has her eye on the job.

Now … we prolly shouldn’t get all excited about this news just yet. Yes, we now know FOR SURE that Britney and Simon are talking about the POSSIBILITY of her joining The X Factor as a judge but we are a LONG way from knowing if she will be on the show. We’ll prolly hear sooner rather than later if she does not get the job but … I say, at this point, no news is good news because if she does get the job, they’ll hold off on announcing for as long as possible to build hype for the second season of the show. I would LOVE to see Britney as judge on The X Factor. Man … that would be so awesome. But I shant let my excitement run away from me … just yet. This is encouraging news to hear, tho. Thank you Louis Walsh for brightening up my Friday :)


  • nicole

    i dont think she would be a good judge. not because im not a huge fan..but shes just too quiet/timid and i couldnt see her being judgemental to someone who wasnt good, and having to kick them off?
    i just dont see her doing it

    • sharose

      but thats the cool thing about shows like the xfactor- im not a britney fan, but i wont deny the fact that shes a pop legend, and every one of these shows needs a softy and britney can fill that rule. she can be the new paula, personally she will do wayy better than her in my opinion. and the fact that she, by herself, will bring in atleast 5 million more viewers to the show will do it good. simon mariah britney and l.a is a insane judging panel

  • Megan

    I don’t want to burst your bubble but Louis Walsh is notorious for spouting up stuff like this…only a few weeks ago he was saying Cheryl Cole was likely to rejoin and she then denied it on her Twitter. I LOVE Britney but I just don’t think she’s be good as a judge…on The XFactor the judges are mentors and need to get quite involved with the contestants performances….just don’t think Britney would be up for that, her team barely let her do an interview without prepping the journalists and stopping it if a question isn’t liked. Can’t imagine how much they’d like her on a live tv show.

  • Lou

    I hope Britney is the new judge and compliments everyone and is really nice and barely gets involved in the mentoring of the contestants and is really shy and timid. The show will get huge rating and the internet will blow up because everyone will be so upset. And she’ll make more millions and enrage people all over the world. Go BritBrit.

  • Iheartaustin

    Right Paula Abdul wasnt the best singer back in her day she still lip-synchs to her music so saying Brit won’t be a good job cos she’s a performer not a singer is crap! Paula was a good judge, even J.lo with her limited singing ability is a good judge, Britney can do this and she would rock this!! I love getting to see Britney out being herself I think it would be amazing… I would watch the show if she was on it!

  • Mark

    I have never seen the XFactor but will watch every episode if Britney is on it!! Think it would also be a good career move for Brit Brit!

    • @Mark — Same here. They sign Britney, they get me to tune in every single week!

    • sharose

      ye that will be cool, we’d all come back to the site and talk about the last episode. like the good old lost days

  • JCZ

    I firstly doubt he would even know what’s going on about a version he isn’t apart of. He seems to be doing this for some publicity or possible to build up the hype. If you think about it, of corse they’re gonna hand-feed our Brit-addiction by refusal to deny rumours or false-feed us subtle hints to suggest she is going to join… cause well, any Britney publicity, is very big and good publicity.

    MTV do it every year for the VMAs!

    I’m still a little 50/50 on the idea – I think on one side, I feel Brit is too nice. But then again that doesn’t matter, you can be nice. Brit has never been someone to criticise except the paparazzi. She is the most genuine person I’ve seen in interviews. However, I feel as a fan, our job is also to protect her, since people constantly feel the need to put her down. And I feel the media will lampoon the crap outta her and the show with ‘lip-synching’ remarks and not being a singer like Xtina or Beyonce. Then I look at it, cause after watching versions of the X-Factor, it quickly grew from a singing contest to a contest about making a star which included them working choreographers and teaching the singers to dance. Having those extravagent sets on stage etc.. something Brit has worked with her whole life. She has the X-Factor, no kidding.

    I think the pro’s of this job for Brit is for her to come back out of her shell with the public. I think it rebuild her confidence greatly, constantly with a live audience behind her and supporting her. She would grow comfortable again in front of the camera. THEN the clothes – we would see Brit in new designer clothes like EVERY day which would be AWESOME, am I right?! I love that she doesn’t have a stylist, but it’ll be good for her to be like, I can pull this uncomfortable but nice looking crap, I just choose not to every other day!

    BUT I doubt she’ll do it – she would get the job hands down, depending on the pay. But it is whether she is up for it. I suspect IF it happens, her next album and tour may be a bigger tour de force and we may see the pre-baby Brit again on stage.

  • rOXy

    I am of two minds about this. I love Britney as much as the next rabid fan, and I would reneg my vile repulsion of TV reality talent shows and be tOOned in every week just to watch her, I am not so sure this would be a smart career choice for her. She is Godney! Highest of high! Untouchable. Unobtainable. Inaccessible. She is that perfect glossy magazine cover and she is larger than life. I am not sure reducing her down to TV screen size and having her in middle America’s living room every single week would do her any favors. Selfishly, I would love as much Britney as I could get, but why does she need to do this? She is on top by making incredible music, and she is best as a fleeting image that we just can’t get enough of. I don’t want her to hold still so the world can get a good look at her. When that happens, the inevitable nit pickiness comes out and I just don’t want her vulnerable to that.

  • megsterg

    Britney being the judge would be the only way I’d ever tune into that show. So, if they’re smart, they are working their tails off to get her signed on.