Janet Jackson Has Turned Down The Job As The New Judge On ‘The X Factor’


From the day The X Factor let go of their two judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, rumors and stories have been running rampant as to who will be the new judges in the next season. Simon Cowell revealed that Paula and Nicole would be replaced by two women, so quickly names began being thrown around… Mariah Carey? Britney Spears? Janet Jackson? Earlier this month, we learned that Simon Cowell was considering hiring Whitney Houston as a judge on The X Factor before she tragically passed away on the 11th. Today we learn that Janet was offered the position but she turned it down. Do you think one of the other ladies will get it, or will it be a new name thrown into the works?

A few weeks ago when Janet was on the Anderson Cooper show she set the rumors on fire when she became shy and coy when questioned about it. Janet has now come out and said that she was “very flattered that X Factor let me know that I was being considered for next season, but it just wouldn’t be possible.” So it seems, Janet may not have been actually offered the position as judge, but found out that the producers were considering her for the role… The rumors that were sparked from Anderson Cooper’s interview were very believable, but Janet’s team said yesterday that, “there have been absolutely no meetings between Janet and anyone with regard to X-Factor” so it seems it was all just rumors, and some great tactical acting from Janet.

The story that went around after Janet though was that it was our dear, Britney Spears, who will be joining as the new judge. Apparently, Brit has shown interest in the X Factor gig and reached out to producers, but it is all just rumors at this stage. There was also Fergie Ferg’s name thrown around so it’s anyone’s guess at this stage. It seems as though Janet is out of the ring though. I wasn’t sure that she was right for the role, but now that all this dialogue has started about who will be new judges I wanna know who it is… don’t you?


  • Jen

    What a stupid, stupid move! The show could bring her back on top again like it did for Jennifer Lopez with American Idol. It would of change her image but I guess she wants to be forever disgrace and be remember for the super bowl incident instead of her music

    • JCZ

      Disgrace? Really.. people should have got over that a week after it happened. Seriously, it’s quite pathetic people continue to go on about it. Sure it wrecked her career commercially, but I would say some of her best work since the 90s was done after the incident. Discipline is one of her best modern works.

      I don’t know who to criticise about the Nipslip. The TV networks, the FCC, the media, viewers who were offended. Probably them all for not having anything interesting going on in their lives. Sure, Janet did it to curve the attention away from her brother, it was quite obvious with the stud she was wearing on her nipple under that tight as fuck outfit. But I’m glad she never did the sissy/b**ch-out act that Justin did and kissed everyones feet for forgiveness. He clearly knew what he was getting into and then afterwards did the opposite.

      Anyway, disappointing to see she doesn’t wanna do it. I doubt there is anything going on to prevent her – cause like you say Jen, it helped JLO incredibly.

  • Jo


  • Mat