Watch: Lady Gaga, Her Mom And Oprah Winfrey Launch The ‘Born This Way’ Foundation


Not everyone loves her style or her music, but I think you have to give her credit for her latest work. Lady Gaga has launched her foundation, called Born This Way, which is all about empowering young people, celebrating bravery and encouraging individuality and acceptance. Lady Gaga developed the project with her mom, Cynthia Germanotta, and they had the official launch on Wednesday with Oprah Winfrey. Watch the video of Oprah, Lady Gaga and her mom speaking at Harvard University on Wednesday. I think it is wonderful to see Gaga as herself, without all the costume and makeup, pared down and being deeply human. She’s smart and kind and I’m pretty impressed…

Led by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta, the Born This Way Foundation was founded in 2011 to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a braver, kinder world.

One of the projects they are kicking off with is “The Born Brave Bus”, which is a bus that will travel the country to serve as a place where youth can go to feel connected and learn about civic engagement opportunities. They are also holding an Advocacy Boot Camp to learn skills in online organizing and communication that will amplify the work they are doing in their communities.

Lady Gaga is usually known more for her outlandish outfits, over-the-top concerts and some would say, freakish looks but great pop music. Here she is dressed in a simple black dress and gloves. There is no outrageous outfit to conceal herself, but she still hasn’t lost her sense of individuality with a feathered headpiece. I know that she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this time I think she has put her name and the spotlight to something really worthwhile. I think she will make a great spokesperson for a foundation about youth and individuality, after all, she is a unique creature herself. Seriously, though, I am impressed with this foundation and the work it plans to carry out.

The video here is from the launch. It starts off with Oprah giving an introductory speech and then we get to hear from Lady Gaga and her mom. Listen to how she introduces her mom, Cynthia. This is the first time that I have seen Lady Gaga be completely honest, just loving and kind and real, no disguises or charades. It is so refreshing…

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    I think what she is doing is a great thing. I also think it says a lot about her foundation that The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has partnered with her, and that the US Secretary of Health and Human Services was there. Very respectable!