John Mayer’s New Album ‘Born And Raised’ Set To Be Released In May With A Tour In April


A couple weeks back we heard the 60 second teaser that John Mayer released of his new single, ‘Shadow Man.’ The single is part of his new album Born And Raised which John actually started quite a few months ago but had to postpone when he found out that he has a throat condition that needed him to take a break from singing. Well, yesterday we got some more John Mayer info which is very exciting. We will get to hear more of that single and the full 12 track album very soon, as the single will be out March 6th and the album will be released in May. We also got a sneak peak of the album cover…there is definitely a western theme running through John at the moment. Check it out below..

This is one of the most recent pics out there of John, from fall last year, and as you can see he has definitely adopted a bit of a cowboy, western look. This style has also extended to his album cover, which we got a sneak peak of yesterday. I don’t think the album gives away too much, but it certainly gave me a vintage, western thang…

It is great news that John is back. It means that his health has returned, and it is great for us as we have some new tunes on the way to enjoy for spring. We have the single out next week, and the album in May, which really is just right around the corner. They have also announced that John’s long awaited return will be marked with a spring tour in April.

What are you expecting from the rest of John’s album seeing the cover and that 60 second teaser of his first single?

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  • yay! can’t wait!

    love my disco pop, but Mayer is a truly blessed & talented singer-songwriter
    good to see him using his powers for good again ;D

  • Bleeding Ears

    Why is Johnny Depp pretending to be John Mayer?


    WTF is up with all this “Born” titles?