Jessica Simpson Still Pregnant, Spotted Grabbing Bagels With Fiance Eric Johnson

She's Still Waiting...

This is another pregnancy that feels like it has been going on for YEARS. Yesterday we heard the amazing news that fellow pregnant momma, Jennifer Garner, gave birth to a baby boy. Jess however is still pregs and waiting for baby to come. Jess and Jennifer seemed to have done the whole 9 months side by side, as we watched their bumps grow together at a similar rate. A few months ago it even looked like they might both give birth, then. While Jen has birthed her gorgeous bub, Jess is still pregnant. Yesterday she was spotted grabbing bagels with her fiance, Eric Johnson and there is STILL no sign of that little one….

Is it Jess’s carb cravings that have sparked this morning bagel run, or is it just Eric wanting some lox and cream cheese? It seems like every time we get a pic of Jess now, we think it is going to be the last one of her pregnant. Last week we saw Jess shopping with her bump, looking very ready to birth that baby, and we thought… this is it, but it wasn’t. A few days later we saw her walking into a medical center hand in hand with Eric… and still, not the last pics of a now very pregnant Jess. Could yesterday’s bagel run pics be the last ones, finally? Not that we’re not enjoying watching Jess throughout her pregnancy (I’m loving it!) but the poor thing must be getting very fed up and uncomfortable. She doesn’t look that happy in this pic of her waiting in the car. I’m sure she just wants to meet the little person inside her too. It must be soon now…


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  1. cmc

    No Lox & cream cheese for Eric- he’s a vegan! That’s pretty much the only reason I like him, gotta stick to our fellow vegan folks :) So yup, probably her carb cravings.

    I feel SO BAD for Jessica. I’m telling you, she said she was due sometime in the spring and I’ve read the baby’s not coming til late March/early April. That SUCKS for her! She looks so uncomfortable but still very beautiful.

  2. Magan

    I hadn’t heard anything about a due date. I thought that Jessica was keeping that to herself. I think that she’ll probably go before that. She looks almost ready!

  3. ck1

    She’s got that puffy I’m going to give birth soon face. I feel uncomfortable looking at her. Thankfully it’s not the middle of summer!

  4. Meg

    I have a sneaky feeling Hilary Duff may have already given birth… she’s been quiet on Twitter for days when normally she posts every day or so….

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