Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Body And Well Being Secrets


We would all love to have Jennifer Aniston’s toned and lean body, she isn’t waif thin and looks feminine but strong. Jen has revealed her top tips for staying fit and looking good – yoga. She credits her yoga trainer, Mandy Ingber, with incorporating yoga into her fitness regime and keeping her looking strong and feeling good inside and out. Last week Jen received top honors getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first Friends star to get one. Jen is doing well at the moment, and despite ongoing silly rumors (first being pregnant, then wanting a child, then fighting again with Angelina) Jennifer seems content and strong at the moment. I’m sure this can be credited to her happy relationship with Justin Theroux; and maybe also to yoga? Read Jen’s tips for getting into shape and staying happy and well…

Jen’s yoga teacher says, “the key to a killer body starts with loving the body you already have and taking 5-15 minutes each day to just sit and breathe. She adds eating organic fresh fruits and veggies, eliminating sugar and drinking half of your body weight in ounces (ie: 120 lbs = 60 oz.) is essential to good health”.

Jen certainly has a killer body, and it is great to see her approach to fitness and well-being starts and ends with a holistic approach to mind and body. I think it is fabulous to see her teacher’s emphasis on “sitting and breathing” and “loving the body you already have.” It is always a good reminder to hear the importance of eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies and drinking tons of water.

I know a lot of readers get upset at posts about body image, and I agree that there are far too many images in the media perpetuating the perceived value of being thin, which is not only unrealistic but dangerous. This, however, I think is a good reminder of the importance of health and well-being, which is something that is holistically mind and body. Eating well, taking care of ourselves, and spending a few minutes each day just to breath I think are fabulous reminders for all of us. When we feel good, we look good so I think Jen’s yogi approach is spot on..


  • Cheryl

    I’ve given up pop, except for one or two diet cokes on the weekend. I’m eating tons of fruits and veggies and working out daily for 30-45 minutes.

    I may not be close to having a body like Jen, but I feel better than I ever have, and I found my confidence again. Yay for healthy living!


    Jennifer Aniton > Your faves

    That is all.

  • grace


    Are you guys so blind? Jen is ugly, old and she only looks half OK is because she had 3 nose jobs, dies her dark brown hair blond, wear blue contacts. Works 3 to 4 hours a day and still looks like a short, stumpy legged middle aged LIAr. For 10 years she claimed when wanted to have kids. Remember the 2005 interview “I did,I do, I will in 5 yeArs! Now the b!tch is saying she downs’t want kids. Everything about this HOHO is a LIE!

    • @grace — HMM, sounds like someone is jealousssssssssss ;)

    • LILY

      WoW! bitter much?

    • Claire

      Are you crazy? It’s one thing if she just isn’t your taste, but the woman is gorgeous! She looks like she hasn’t aged in ten years. Definite jealousy here.

  • Rus

    Jen is one of my fave actresses of all time. She is so beautiful!! <3 I wish I could look that good at her age. Gorg. Thanks for posting this Trent.

  • Alyssa

    Yup, yoga will make you look and feel fab! I’ve never been on either side of the spectrum about Jen, but regardless, she looks great. Good on her for being happy.

  • Ellen

    It all boils down to how you feel about yourself and the work you are willing to put out. Jen is a shining example of being true to herself and doing it her way. Team Jen!! :)

  • don’t get why the title says “jen shares her fitness secrets” when its actually her yoga teacher saying 2 lines about her regimen.

  • lyn

    GREAT BODY!!!!

  • Claire

    I am someone who has such a hard time motivating myself to work out and eat right, being that I am such a picky eater and all my body really needs is toning. With that said, being hostile and blaming stereotypes for your own insecurities is just another excuse to not try and improve yourself. Exercise and healthy living is very hard work, but it is guaranteed to make you a happier, more confident person, no matter your weight or goal. I can admit to being lazy, and more than anything I can respect women like this for having such strength and discipline. Yes people with money have it easier, but there are just as many without it that make it work. I think these posts are great and inspiring, and anyone who has something negative to say should take a better look at where that animosity is coming from.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    She has great legs.. Her ~right~ leg is especially gorge!

    • @Jessicagiovanna — LOL.

  • Alesha

    I think she is gorgeous and healthy looking!

  • cinner

    she is sooo beautiful, especially those legs! Looove her!