A Whole New Look For Katy Perry On The Cover Of ‘Interview’ Magazine


Ever since her very public, but apparently amicable divorce, from Russell Brand, people have been watching Katy Perry to see how she looks and how she acts as an insight into maybe how she’s doing now that she is single again. Katy seems to have been doing fine, at least publicly, and even though there was silly talk that her Grammy performance was timed to make a stab at her ex husband, she seems to have moved on and found herself. Today we get to see Katy on the cover of Interview magazine and in a photo spread for them, and I have to say she looks more like herself, but very different to the look we have been getting from her for the last few months. In my opinion, she looks gorgeous here. What do you think though?

This is the cover for Interview which features a story about Katy. I almost didn’t recognize that this was Katy Perry when I first glanced at it. Without her bright blue hair and having reverted back to her natural brunette locks I didn’t quite know who it was initially. Katy look very sexy and smoldering in these pics. She has dark, smoky eye makeup and a glamorous cleavage revealing bustier on the cover. The other pics from the photo shoot follow in a similar vein, but have more of an old world Hollywood glamor or even ‘flapper’ feel to them.

I think this look really suits Katy IMHO. I am enjoying seeing her with her natural dark hair and a more feminine, glamorous style. I know Katy is known for her signature quirky-almost cartoon-like look, but I actually think this is gorgeous on her. I don’t think she will lose the blue hair though, I’m sure this was just for the shoot…

What do you think of this look on Katy Perry?


  • Becca

    I’m totally getting a Megan Fox vibe off of these =) Looks great!

    • LStu

      that was the first thing i thought of

  • Brittany

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous, I am not going to dispute that but am I the only one that thinks she doesnt look anything like this? Maybe I dont look at enough pictures of Katy but the third picture is the one that looks kind of like her and the others look nothing like her.

    • I agree…it was weird I was scrolling through on my reader and it wasn’t until the 3rd picture (because I had passed the post title so fast) that I realized it MIGHT be Katy Perry….the 3rd picture is the only one that looks like her to me.

    • Not that I don’t think the pictures are gorgeous though!

    • I didn’t mean for the double comment…my internet was being weird and I didn’t think my comment showed up! Whoops!

    • Dezden

      Agreed… the third is the only one that remotely looks like her. Otherwise I wouldn’t believe it.

    • Not that I don’t think the pictures are gorgeous though! I was just surprised that she doesn’t look like herself at all!

  • swile71


  • I hate to say this but when I first saw the cover pic I thought it was Lindsay Lohan channeling Liz Taylor in anticipation of her TV movie role. I’m sooooo much happier that it’s Katy Perry. She looks FANTASTIC!

  • ab

    not that it matters, but her natural hair color is actually blonde.

    i feel like that cover is almost invoking amy winehouse with the eye makeup!

  • kalina

    She looks so beautiful here! Though to me, this doesn’t really look like her. If her name wasn’t on the cover I would think this was a model. Super pretty though! Go photoshop!

  • Janaegal

    Ummm, are we sure that’s her? If it is, I need that photographer/makeup artist/photoshopper in my life immediately!!!

  • John

    I thought it was Megan Fox! I actually think she could look like this if she didnt have that retarded hair and crazy makeup all the time

  • Lauren

    Wow! She is actually bearable in these photos!

  • LILY

    She looks like Amy Winehouse in the cover… but the rest of the pics are stunning!

  • Michelle

    Like the photos, but don’t like that it doesn’t even look like Katy Perry. However, if it was their goal to transform her into Megan Fox, then two thumbs up.

  • too much photoshop going on with her head in the last few pics… they all seem off.

  • Junior Mint

    WTH are you guys smoking?! Other than the cat eye make-up, she looks nothing like Megan Fox! I knew it was Katy from the jump. She’s beautiful, diverse and jump into any look. Although beautiful, I feel Megan tries too hard to ooze sexy. Katy has it naturally. Those boobies!

  • nicole

    i mean there beautiful pictures and everything thing…but they look nothing like her. theres way too much photoshop going on

  • Sofia

    I don’t think it’s as much about photoshopping as it is departing from her icon look that is throwing everyone off. It’s like seeing a photo of Gwen stefani without the blonde hair and red lipstick- you do a double take.

  • AmandaMarie

    Junior Mint- I’m with you. There is no hint of Megan Fox here at all to me.

    To me: I get Selena Gomez youth + Liz Taylor glamour + a hint of Angelina Jolie.

  • laura

    I’d look like Elizabeth Taylor too if I was wearing that much make up.

  • Kate

    I totally thought it was Liz Hurley in the first shot.

  • crystalblueskies

    i thought it was monica belluci