Mariah Carey Goes Au Natural In The Recording Studio


Back in November we got our first look at Mariah Carey in the recording studio and, as you may recall, she was lookin’ a bit glammed up for the occasion. Last month, we got to see new photos of Mimi in the studio with producer Jermaine Dupri … and again, homegirl was lookin’ hot. Today we get to see a new photo, shared by MC herself, that shows her hard at work in the recording studio working on her new album … and as you can see below, she did so make-up free and fresh-looking.

me pon de booth last night.. LYM!!

I love this. She looks so good … so happy. Mariah always looks so fresh-faced and happy in the recording studio. I know she’s been really sad recently but it’s nice to see her with that trademark smile on her face again. Make-up, no make-up … no matter. Mariah looks good, y’all. And we’ve got new music on the way!!


  • nicole

    she looks fantastic!
    i love that since nick came into her life, shes alot more comfortable going natural.

    • Alyssa

      That is so true! She seems so much more confident and relaxed.

  • Shannon

    She looks so much prettier without all that make up & trashy clothes. Gorgeous!

  • ChristineLA

    I like her SO much better like this!

  • Ashley

    she has that old hollywood glamour in this picture.

  • banana