Watch: Pixar Releases A Second Full Length Trailer For Their Animated Film ‘Brave’


Back in November we got to check out the first full-length trailer for the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Brave (due out in theaters this Summer) and today we get to check out the just-released second full-length trailer for the film. Tho, this new video is more like an actual clip of film footage from the movie more than a trailer. Titled The Prize, this trailer shows how protagonist character Princess Merida “wins” her husband … er, or is supposed to.

This clip is cute … and it really showcases the strength that Merida will exhibit in this film. Most of the new Disney princesses tend to be headstrong and clearly Princess Merida is no exception. I suspect by film’s end, her parents will realize that she doesn’t need to have decisions made for her … as a hero herself, she is fully capable of making her own decisions. I am really loving all the stuff we’ve seen from Brave thus far. This new film is going to rule.


  • blaqfury

    This is going to be great. So looking forward to it. I have so much trouble with accents… i don’t know if its because i’m deaf in one ear… but i have to concentrate so hard to understand anyone that talks with an accent… Guess i’ll just have to see the movie twice to make sure i got everything… & that’s not a problem at all….lol

  • nicole

    its been awhile since i’ve looked forward to a cartoon movie. but im excited for this one.
    it still surprises me it took this long for pixar to make a movie like this

  • Nicola

    Looks awesome!