Lucy Liu Cast As Watson In New Sherlock Holmes TV Series ‘Elementary’


A modern day Sherlock Holmes TV series titled Elementary is coming to CBS this Fall and last week it was announced that actor Jonny Lee Miller will be playing the lead role of Holmes. Today we learn that Holmes’s trusty partner/sidekick Dr. Watson has been cast as well. In this new modern day incarnation of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson will be played by actress Lucy Liu. Elementary, isn’t it?

Further proof that CBS’ in-the-works Sherlock Holmes reboot will take the iconic franchise in a radical new direction: The network has cast Lucy Liu as Watson! TVLine has learned that Liu has been tapped to play Watson to Jonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock in Elementary, the network’s modern-day take on the famed detective saga. Another key change: Sherlock and Watson now live in New York City. Rob Doherty (Medium) penned the script and Michael Cuesta (Homeland) will direct the pilot. Both will serve as EPs alongside Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

You know, I was only minorly interested in this new Sherlock Holmes series when I heard that Miller was cast as Sherlock. Tho I will confess that I thought a modern day Holmes solving crimes in NYC sounded pretty cool to me. Now that we know that Lucy Liu has been cast as Watson (Dr. Jane Watson, I presume?) I am really excited about this series. I’ve always had a passing fascination with Sherlock Holmes … maybe this new series will re-spark my interest. Thus far, I’m very impressed with the casting. I am really interested to see where this series will go from here.

Any Sherlock fans out there? What do y’all think of this new series and this inventive casting?


  • Katie

    Do you watch the BBC Sherlock? If not you need to check it out. That version is fantastic! I’m not so sure about this. I’m interested to hear more about it before I make any judgments.

    • Alexis

      I really disappointed more people don’t know about Sherlock on BBC, it’s my favorite show on air and is IMHO the best sherlock that has been do so far. Benedict Cumberbatch IS Sherlock

    • Kay

      Me too. Such a fan of Sherlock. Hope “Elementary” will be just as good. Tho, I highly doubt it

  • Phizpop

    Seems like they are just jumping on the Sherlock bandwagon and needed something to seperate them from the movies/BBC series. Unfortuntely, no matter how good it is it’ll always pale in comparison to the amazing BBC series. Will still check it out though.

  • Ella

    It will have to be pretty amazing to top the BBC Sherlock series. I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock!

  • Nicola

    So in what way is this Sherlock? He’s iconic to London and Watson is a very distinct character and it’s quite clear from the books that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a very deep disdain for women. Sounds to me this is just another New York detective show and they’re trying to use a couple of famous names to get viewers, but it won’t have anything to do with the actual Sherlock Holmes.

  • Hannah

    I’m another BBC Sherlock fan, and this sounds like it will really pale in comparison.

  • Erin

    Another BBC Sherlock fan here. It’s fantastic!

  • Janaegal

    Well, I’ll say that whether or not it lives up to other, more iconic, versions, I’m excited for this. I think the casting is actually pretty brilliant because not too many actresses can dead pan like Lucy Lui. I think she’ll be a great “side-kick”

  • fuzzy

    Why can’t they just come up with something new? Why americanize everything?Sherlock is so unmistacably british and i think it will Ruin it. there are already so many solve the mystery series and it seems the minute something remotely interesting or different is created it gets cancelled and only the Lame shows seems to live on. So something tells me it will probably suck and be a huge success

  • nicole

    does this mean she wont be sticking around on Southland? i’ve grown to like her on that show

  • Lala

    Yes okay I am a HUGE fan of the BBC Sherlock, and I plan on watching the first episode to see how hard they tried to be Moffat and Gatiss.

    And I don’t have a problem with them making Watson a girl.

    Because Sherlock/Watson have such AMAZING chemistry and such a complicated relationship, if they decided that they want those characters to have a ROMANTIC relationship…that’s where the problem is.
    What they can’t be romantic if they’re both men?

  • crystalblueskies

    it’s iconic to London as Capt.America is to US. it’s an insult to the author and the fans as well. maybe coz they fear homophobe backlash thats why they made watson a female?

    i’ll just wait till this series gets axed like charlie’s angels and wonderwoman.

  • linh

    I am going to wait and see what they do with it. I am huge Sherlock fan so I gobble up anything that smells like it. It could be cool. You never know. Can’t knock on something I haven’t seen.

  • JillyD

    @Nicole – Lucy only signed on for 1 season of Southland. I guess we can use this as confirmation that she won’t be back if Southland gets renewed. I really hope it does, it’s a FANTASTIC show.

    • nicole

      i have no doubt that the show will get renewed. but im kinda sad lucy only signed on for one season, shes been great on the show

  • Megan

    I’m a HUGE BBC Sherlock fan…Trent, pleeeeeease tell me you’ve seen that version?

  • Olivia

    Ugh why. The BBC Sherlock is amazing. And London is such a integral part of the story, it’s not the same if it’s cast in NYC. They can make a detective show but please nothing to do with Sherlock.

  • Rebecca

    I love BBC’s Sherlock, so I’m super interested in this. Casting Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock? I like it. Plus last year JLM and Benedict were in a London play together for months, I figure the lovely benedict could have passed on tips.
    Lucy Liu as Watson? Meh. I like her, but my first response is why try to be clever? Anyway not going to complain too much, will watch first :)