Director Garry Marshall Reveals That Jessica Biel Talked With Him About Her Engagement To Justin Timberlake


Last month we learned that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got themselves engaged to be married. Shortly thereafter, JT’s grandmother confirmed the news as true. Today we hear MORE confirmation of the engagement of Justica from film director Garry Marshall. Marshall directed Biel in the flop film New Year’s Eve and according to him, she talked about her engagement to Justin “all the time”. So it would seem that altho we only learned last month that the pair are engaged, they have actually been engaged for some time now.

Jessica Biel may have only just started to flash her engagement ring around town, but that doesn’t mean the 31-year-old actress has kept her excitement about becoming Mrs. Justin Timberlake quiet. One of Biel’s closest confidantes has been none other than her New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day film director Garry Marshall, who told Us Weekly he’s spoken at length with Biel about her happy news. “We talk about it a lot. I hope it all works out — they are terrific kids,” Marshall told Us at Sunday’s Night of 100 Stars Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif. of Biel and Timberlake. “I love them both. I’m happy for her.” Getting engaged during a snowboarding trip in the Jackson, Wyoming mountains in December 2011, Biel and Timberlake plan to tie the knot next summer … A Timberlake source confirms that the singer/actor has “never been happier” with the New Year’s Eve actress. “He knew it was the right time to propose.”

No offense to grandma Timberlake but … I think I put much more stock in these new comments from Garry Marshall than I did from JT’s gran. The fact that Marshall is talking so openly about Justica’s engagement says to me that he is unaware of how private the couple continue to be … and he prolly just assumed that the cat is already out of the bag, so why not offer his $0.02. I’m still not 100% convinced that Jessica and Justin are really planning to be married this Summer but at this point, I’m 1000% convinced that they are actually engaged this time.


  • ChristineLA

    LOL! I thought it was hilarious when Grandma spilled the deets, but this just keeps getting better and better. Gary Marshall? How completely odd and random. Perhaps in another few weeks, Carrot Top can weigh in on how happy he is for the engaged couple that refuse to actually confirm they are engaged.

    • ChristineLA

      My apologies, GARRY Marshall.