Who Had The Best Oscars Look?


Yes, last night was all about the Oscars and we will hear from Trent about who won, who lost, and what shenanigans went down… first off, who looked the best?? It is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year and what you wear is never more important than on the Academy Awards red carpet. Stylists go into overdrive, haute couture designers sew into the night, and the stars pull the look off effortlessly and magnificently. So, who was your BEST DRESSED from the 84th annual Academy Awards?

Michelle Williams looked divine in a vintage style Louis Vuitton red dress, accessorized with a light pink Bottega Veneta clutch and a diamond brooch at her waist. A lot of stylists are already talking about Michelle possibly being the no.1 best dressed of the night. She has a very consistent look, but constantly surprises us too. I do love this one!

  • Randal

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED Viola Davis in that green number.

  • Nicola

    My #1 was Jessica Chastain. Also loved Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey, Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, J-Lo, Octavia Spencer. Absolute worst look was Viola Davis below the neck (her head looked fantastic).

    • ClaireMichelle

      My number one was also Jessica Chastain! Perfection from the dress to her hair and makeup. I also agree with Sandra, Tina, Emma and Octavia. I did not love Gwyneth. Her hair did nothing for me. Michelle Williams also looked phenomenal!

  • yadira

    Rooney mara and angelina jolie!

  • theposhmom

    I’m sad that Milla Jovovich’s dress isn’t among your Top 12, I thought she looked soooo glamorous and channeled that old Hollywood glamour, and was very modern too.

  • Lauren

    I loved Emma Stone’s dress and I also kind of liked Viola’s dress as well. As far as Angelina Jolie, I don’t see the appeal in her anymore. She is far too skinny and to me it looked like she was drunk or something last night when she presented that award. Overall though, the whole show was pretty boring.

    • Brittany

      I absolutely agree with you about Angelina Jolie. Her arms are so skinny they look like they could easily be broken off!

  • Sebastion

    My fave was Angelina Jolie wihtout a doubt. After her in no particular order was Viola Davis, Mila, And Sandra Bulock

  • Krissy

    My favorite was Michelle Williams, because it was a quirky take on a classic shape. I liked the texture and color. I loved Emma’s dress, but it seemed too similar to one that Nicole Kidman wore a few years back. Jessica Chastain looked gorgeous. I thought Angelina looks SILLY with her leg out the whole time. The dress was ok but a bit boring, and her limbs looked skeletal.

  • Ria

    LOVED Emma Stone. Tina Fey a close second. I like those clean, minimalistic cuts. Very modern and sophisticated, very in tune with their strong personas.

    I am so over J. Lo. I’m still teed off about how she came outta nowhere with a massive amount of publicity and somehow bagged the most beautiful title. And I don’t like her on American Idol either. She’s just suspicious to me now.

    Haters gon’ hate, I guess.

  • meme

    Mila look stunning as did Jessica Chastain. Jolie look anorexic, waxy and then just plain stupid when she started sticking her pipecleaner leg out. she’s gross.


    What was up with Angelina’s awkward leg pose? It just seemed…attention seeking and weird. It was like, oh, hai, meet my skinny, untanned leg.

    • Tracy

      I’m sorry I have to say something about Angelina’s why is everyone saying she looked stunning???? She looked like she needed a few sandwiches, and she needs to put that boney leg back under that dress. I’m over her already she is just way too skinny and looks very unhealthy.

      Angelina – – Predue called he wants his chicken legs back?

      What is going on with her? She seems to be wanting attention or something.

    • Bea

      Taht leg was NOT sexy…at all. But I laughed cuz she was trying so hard.

  • jessica

    Mara looked beautiful but the dress didn’t do ANYTHING for her.
    Angie is STUNNING as always but way too thin.
    J.Lo’s dress was predictable, and she looked beautiful as always. Hate that the arm part of the dress had nude fabric.
    Paltrow is beautiful yes, but why is she dressing so… old?

    • meme

      skankolina made a fool of herself and she looked anorexic and stoned.

  • nicole

    i hated angie’s dress. i wasnt cute at all. the leg pose was just – ugh.
    but overall there were alot of realllly nice dresses yesterday. probably one of the better red carpets in along time

  • shannon m

    I actually thought Cameron Diaz looked fabulous. She’s def not one of my favourite actresses but i thought the dress was beautiful and looked beautiful on her.
    Octavia Spencer looked stunning. The dress did all the right things in all the right places for her.
    Loved the red on Emma Stone too.

  • Liz

    I really like what Octavia Spencer was wearing. Personally I do not like Michelle’s at all.

  • Alys

    Octavia and Milla. Jessica Chastain’s McQueen is to die for.

    Viola Davis’ shredded gown ran into a psychotic weedwhacker, a pity because I loved her choices up to this point. Michelle’s was too confused, pick a long or a short skirt.

  • meme

    Hands down Jessica Chastain and Milla Jovovich (you left her off? Old Hollywood glam at its finest). Skankolina and her chicken leg looked horrible and desperate.

  • angelina jolie and emma stone are looking best!!