‘Mad Men’ Releases A Bizarre Season 5 Poster With Naked Mannequins


The count down to March 25 is on! Two weeks ago we got to see a sneak peak promo video for season 5 of Mad Men, and today the poster has been revealed. I have to say, they are being cryptic, subtle and telling me that the 5th season is going to be one helluva collection of storylines! And, in true Mad Men style, it is all an enigma. Check out the poster and see what you think it is implying…

The poster of Don staring into what looks like a shop window, looking at a naked mannequin, is loaded with possible meanings. It definitely has that signature obscurity… Don’s back is to us but you can just make out his face which bears a blank, almost, numb expression. And, then the naked mannequin? Why is he looking so intently at the body of the nude plastic woman? There is also a dressed mannequin, in a red suit, looking very dapper and Draper-esque.

The show’s creator, Matthew Weiner told the NY Times

The image suggests “Don Draper’s ongoing struggle to define who he is to himself and to those around him. This is a dreamlike image…[The image is] a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be… By the end of the season, I guarantee you’ll know what it is about. Just like the show, we never want to be literal. And we want to be provocative.”

The poster, like Don, and everything else about the show is an enigma, and they’re right, entirely provocative. What does all this mean? I am sure that the producers have intentionally left us scratching our heads so that we’re even more excited to tune into the 2 hour premiere on the 25th of March.

“We do recognize the hiatus” may affect interest in “Mad Men,” Ms. Schupack said, so “we’re treating the premiere differently, as an event.” It actually does feel like the promotion of an event so they’re doing a good job. I cannot wait until March 25 !


  • Krissy

    I can’t wait until it starts again! One of the best tv shows of all time, IMO.