Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Meet Face To Face For The First Time Since She Called Off Their Wedding


Remember last June when Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner was all set to marry his Playmate fiancée Crystal Harris and then she dumped him and jetted off to Las Vegas, NV to reportedly try to sell her engagement ring before lounging by the pool on what was supposed to be her wedding day? Yeah, well, Hef and Crystal haven’t actually seen each other face to face since that time … until just this weekend. Apparently, Crystal was made welcome at the Playboy Mansion this weekend … and she and Hef got to say a quick, friendly hello to one another.

It could have been awkward — Hugh Hefner coming face-to-face with Crystal Harris for the first time since she canceled their wedding plans — but it was quick and friendly … sources tell TMZ. As you’ll recall, the 25-year-old Harris broke off her engagement to the 85-year-old Hef last June, just five days before they were set to walk down the aisle. According to our sources, a friend of Crystal’s was invited to the Playboy Mansion last night and asked Crystal to tag along. Not wanting to create a scene, we’re told Crytal phoned ahead to make sure it was all right … and Hef said he would love to see her. Our sources say the meeting was brief — a quick and friendly hello, not much more. Maybe it is possible to be friends with your ex.

Clearly, Hef was being the bigger man here. As you may also recall, Crystal publicly besmirched Hef’s sexual prowess after she left him at the altar … so Hugh had a LOT to be pissed off about. True, Hef claims to have already moved on with a new girlfriend (who he picked up mere moments after Crystal dumped him … who I’m not even sure if he is still with) but, well, I guess bygones are bygones. It remains to be seen if Hef and Crystal will continue to remain friends but … you gotta start somewhere, right?


  • shoesofpink

    The bitches can come and go, but Hef is always going to be Hef, and there will always be another dumb blonde waiting in line. He knows that, so what’s there to get upset about?

    • nicole

      so true

  • Kel

    My question is: do you think these girls actually have sex with him? They have to right? I mean, blech. You are 27!!! Get with someone wealthy if that is your motivation (however much i personally disagree) but not someone old enough to literally be your grandpa!