Gerard Butler Goes From Rehab To The Oscar Red Carpet


Yesterday we learned that actor Gerard Butler completed a few days ago a 3 week program at the Betty Ford Clinic to deal with an addiction to prescription pain medicine but last night on Oscar night, Butler was all spiffed up and lookin’ happy as can be on the red carpet for the after parties. I’m not sure it’s the best idea to go from rehab to the red carpet when one is in recovery, particularly because of all of the free-flowing booze readily available at such events, but … well … there you have it. Clearly, it wasn’t an issue for Gerard.

He’s only just out of rehab but Gerard Butler shows no signs of taking it easy. The actor is back in the spotlight and on the party circuit just days after being released from the Betty Ford Center after a three-week stay. Butler, 42, looked tanned, healthy and fit as he walked the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood last night. Looking dapper in a sharp tuxedo, the 300 star appeared to have re-gained a little of the weight he lost last year as he battled an addiction to painkillers. Gerard appears to be throwing himself back into normal life since leaving rehab last week. He attended to two industry parties over the Oscars weekend and was also pictured jogging along Sunset Boulevard. At the Weinstein Company bash at Soho House over the weekend he was overheard telling a fellow party-goer ‘I feel pretty good,’ according to the NY Post. Butler is wasting no time returning to work, with three projects in pre-production, including two action films Hunter Killer and Thunder Run. So he has already returned to his training regime with the help of a personal trainer who accompanied him on his jog. His spokesperson told the Mail: ‘Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health.’

HMMM. Honestly … what is there to say. Is it a good idea to be partying just days after you get out of rehab? Of course not. Will anything that anyone says have any sort of effect on Butler’s behavior, sadly, of course not. I guess we can only hope that Gerard will be vigilant in fending off temptation whenever it rears its ugly head. Tho, it must be said … he would be a lot more successful in fending off temptation if he wouldn’t put himself in tempting circumstances.

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  • cutitout

    It really depends on what you went to rehab for. I beleive he went to rehab just to ween himself off of the prescription pain meds, because he felt he was becoming unnecessarily dependent on them,not a full blown “addiction”. A lot of people who have injuries and need long term pain medication have to go to a medical facility to be monitered as they dose down to nothing because of the withdrawl side effects. I had a minor injury and had to take pain meds for two weeks and I had crack-head-shakes when the prescription ran out like Chris rock in “New Jack City”.

    If he did not have an addiction to alchohol, its no problem, unless they have vicoden, hydrocodon, oxycoton, and percoset as sprinkles at the sundae bar…

    • @cutitout — An addict is an addict. Any person in real recovery will tell you, it’s best to stay away from all temptations when in recovery.

    • People Please

      @Trent – your comment is exactly the reason why I quit 12 step programs. I had an severe addiction to meth, and after 3 unsuccessful years in 12 step and in and out of rehab I was finally able to get and stay clean through therapy and without the judgemental and defeatist attitudes of those in ‘recovery’. I don’t have to stay away from everything on earth and I have learned to re-incorporate social drinking back into my life (meaning 1 or 2 drinks once or twice a month). Of course, you will dismiss my very real results by saying I’m not really recovered. Enjoy your meetings.

    • @People Please — I’m happy you have found a system that works for you. Best of luck with everything!

    • cutitout

      But your taking for granted he had an “addiction” He never claimed to be an addict. The accident that caused the injuries that led to him having to take the pain meds in the first place was just mid-late December, if he was only taking meds since then, Its was probably just what his publicists said, a pre-emptive strike to get off the meds before they became a real problem.

  • Tara

    He’s been sober for over 10 years now, though, and has been public about that part of his past. I think if he’s a smart enough guy to check himself in before a real problem occurred, having recognized the signs and acknowledged he needed help, then he’s smart enough to abstain from anything hazardous. Go Gerry Butler!