First Listen: Madonna Releases A Lyric Video For ‘Girl Gone Wild’

The 2nd Offering from 'M.D.N.A.'

Last Friday we learned that Madonna was planning the release of a lyric video for her new single Girl Gone Wild that was originally supposed to come out the same day … but, due to a technical hiccup, the video’s release was delayed a few days. Today, at last, we get to see the video and get our FIRST LISTEN of Maddy‘s second single from M.D.N.A. Click below to watch and listen to Girl Gone Wild in full.

Upbeat, catchy and dancey … I like it. It deffo has that same clubby feel that her songs from Confessions on the Dancefloor have. I love that album so I’m digging this track. It’ll take a few listens for me to really fall in love, tho. It does sound a lot different than Gimme All Your Luvin’ … but is it a better single or not? What do y’all think?


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  1. toast

    Toast is mad at the generic song that is Girl Gone Wild. First of all the song title alone makes me think of that white trash VCR infomercial shit. If anything Benny Blassi really knows how to destroy a song with his lame synth Garageband fruityloops. I am not musical wizard but I am not a sheeple and this song is a bomb. She really shouldn’t release this as a single and chalk it up to a freebee internet song. I wouldn’t advise Madonna to even waste her her time on this lousy Jersey Shore fistpumping sack of shit. I never hated a Madonna song but this takes the cake. Madonna. No.

  2. marcus_em

    I hate it.. its boring and bland and like cheesy gross house music .. Madonna should be blowing me out of the water at this point alla britney with Hold It Against Me which was hard hitting and innovative .. lol this is just boring .. oo madge.. this plus that god awful ego trip that was Gimme All Your Love.. not cool! but i love u anyway ;-)

    • Krissy

      I agree, I was looking forward to hearing a “new” sound from her. Her new music hasn’t been very exciting to me. I agree that Britney’s HIAM sounds so much more cutting edge when you compare it to the 2 new Madonna singles.

  3. i love this song……i cant stop listening to it.madonna makes it her will be huge…… the way charts are so menaingless now, with all the free listens and youtube, and piracy etc….charts dont mean shit..charts were imposrtant when people actually went to the stores to buy an album or a single …….

    • Krissy

      Actually streaming is counted on some charts, so you can’t say that because of youtube charts don’t mean sh*t. Youtube views are counted in some charts.

  4. this is another “yawner” – nothing new or exciting about it. very bland.

  5. LILY

    Same old, same old….

    everything she does just sounds ehhh now… at least in my opinion.

  6. I do not love the chorus of this song, but I think the rest of the song is alright. It’s also a little too house-ish for me. Madonna hasn’t done house music before, so why start now? This song is just ok. It’s nothing great. It’s lacking depth, which is something I love about Madonna, is her ability to make pop music with depth. This is just not that.

  7. Zeke

    It’s a “Confessions-On-A-Dancefloor-meets-Britney’s-Trouble(Circus-Era)” song. I definitely see the Queen and the Princess doing a remix.

  8. Donny

    It’s a good track. It’s got some serious pulsing energy. It’ll be big in the clubs.

  9. jr

    Disco/House is the BEST!!!!!- on it’s way back in the dance music scene….so Madonna is gonna own it and turn it out!

    the album is called MDNA…put it together…club, highs/lows, beats, fun!!!!!

  10. I like this song way better than Give me all Your Lovin’. I hope the radio stations get to this song. It could BLOW UP! Interested to here what the remixes are gonna sound like. Could be very interesting. Well done!

  11. jr

    um…has anyone heard her song Turn Up The Radio?

    it is iconic.
    pure Madonna. WOW.

  12. Ced83

    I LUV this song! However Idk why they released this song without the spoken word intro…which makes the song make so much sense! And now we have this Justin Cognito mix…and yet still no release date for ITunes…I’m sorry but I just don’t understand why it’s not available for download already! :(

  13. I agree with Sherman, why do people still follow Madonna?

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