Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Step Out In NYC, Just The Two Of Them


Yesterday we saw cute photos of new parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z out on the streets of NYC for the first time ever with their newborn baby girl Blue Ivy. Today we get to see new photos of Bey and baby Blue out and about in NYC just the two of them. I’m quite certain that mother and daughter have been enjoying a lot of bonding time together at home, out of the public eye but this latest outing is the first one for just Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in public.

She stepped out with her baby Blue Ivy for the first time publicly [the day before], alongside her husband Jay-Z. And [yesterday] Beyonce and her daughter enjoyed another stroll around Manhattan. The scene set was similar to the day before with the 31-year-old singer wearing the exact same attire of leather trousers, a navy blue parker jacket and high top boots. But this time the Halo singer went solo, spending some quality mother and daughter time with her newborn. She was however accompanied by a burly bodyguard, who stayed close to the star and her baby at all times. She cradled her precious bundle of joy in a leopard print rug, swapping the black coloured wrap she had used the day before.

You know, it’s kinda weird to see Beyoncé cradling a baby. Normally when I see the first pics of a new mom out and about with her baby, it looks more natural to me. I dunno … I’m sure I’ll get used to the sight but right now … it just looks a bit weird. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Bey and baby enjoying some bonding time together. The sight of these two will only get cuter as Blue gets bigger. It’s gonna be fun to watch Beyoncé grow into a fashionably fabulous mama.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • LILY

    I agree Trent it just feel odd for some reason to see her with a baby…


    is any one else suprised to see her wearing the same outfit or almost the same outfit as she did the day before… now that just doesnt seem right from Beyonce…

  • Megan

    I thought that too! I think she’s just been this strong image of an independent woman for so long now that this image will take a while to get used to…sure we barely ever see photos of her and Jay together! I have no doubt she’s wonderful, loving mother though…lucky kid :)

  • shoesofpink

    When my babies were mere weeks old, I too went trotting around town in leather pants. They’re the epitome of comfort when you’re working off that baby bump. Heehee

    • LILY

      LMAO!!!! oh that just made me crack up!

      Thank you :)

  • Velaine

    I don’t think seeing her with a baby is weird. It’s that hobo looking parka that’s throwing you off. And what’s her deal with that lazy black cap? Not like Beyonce at all.

    • @Velaine — Hahahaha, you may be right ;)

  • Brandy K

    Leather pants aside, I like seeing her super casual. That is truly the way things are for most non-rich-and-famous mothers. I remember many days where a shower hadn’t happened before I had to go get my older kid from school. So you throw on a cap or beanie and go. Life goes on, if you wait until you look perfect when you have a newborn, you’re not going anywhere. She’s prolly spending quality time with baby Blue.

    • Brandy K

      Just to clarify – I’m no Beyonce lover and I do still wonder what happened at that hospital. I’m guessing some newborn college funds were set up so that mess would quietly go away.