Watch: Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Goof Around In Home-Made Music Video


I came across the cutest home video today featuring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. An up-and-coming, but relatively unknown Canadian singer, Carly Rae Jepsen got a big dose of publicity when the two young starlets made a home music video of her single, “Call Me Maybe.” The fun vid also features Ashley Tisdale, her new boyfriend, Martin Johnson, Sammy Droke, “Kickin’ It” star Mateo Arias and Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena. Once the home video hit YouTube, it was out there, and a new musician’s name! The song is really quite catchy and got picked up by Bieb’s manager after he made the video. It is also just super cute to see the gang goofing around and having a blast. Check out the new song and the troop’s little home video. Love it!

Carly Rae sure must have been stoked when she saw her celebrity “friends” enjoying her music. The song is definitely catchy and after I watched the video I couldn’t stop singing it! Carly has had some success in Canada, but on the whole she is pretty unknown. Now that it has some star powered backing, maybe it will actually rise up the charts. Apparently, Biebs heard her song on a Canadian radio station and thought it was great and now his manager, Scooter Braun, has signed her to his label, Schoolboy Records. So, in essence, Biebs and Selena can take credit for propelling Carly’s career.

Check out the fun video. Love it!


  • Lauren

    Carly got signed by Justin’s team a while ago, but she just announced it on Much Music on Feb. 14th. This song has been buzzing on the radio for months now here in Canada, and like you said very catchy:)

  • Kel

    It is so nice to see them just being kids having fun!

  • Ria

    This was adorable!!! And I’m not a Belieber or anything. Vey cute.

  • best part is the hunger games flash!

  • Julie

    I love it too!!! Good song :)

  • caroline

    Carley Rae was on Canadian Idol a few years back. She seems pretty sweet, but you’re right Lauren she was signed to the Biebs’ record label a while back and this song is addicting with how catchy. I catch myself singing along with every time I hear it!

  • nicole

    i hate this damn song. its so overplayed here in Toronto, that it turned a cute song into a suuuuper annoying song.

  • Taryn

    Yes, Carly placed 3rd on Canadian Idol back when Canadian Idol existed. She has since been making random appearances including singing with my high school best buddies band. She’s a nice girl… glad to see she’s becoming successful.

  • Alicia

    I saw her back when she opened for Hanson here at the beginning of February. She has an amazing voice and if you can see her live I definitely recommend it. “Tug Of War” is also another amazing song by her. It’s less “annoying”