Which British Stars Are Going To Be Part Of The London Olympics?


It has been announced today that Adele is set for another honor, she will be a part of the closing ceremony of the summer Olympics in London. Executive producer of the opening and closing ceremonies confirmed that she will feature in the August 12th show. The theme of ‘A Symphony of British Music’ is a way of spanning the music genres, from classical to rock and in between, it is supposed to be a showcase of British talent. Lets be honest, for a lot of people the Olympics is all about the spectacle of the Opening and Closing ceremonies and not about the sports. (Yes, I’m one of those people!) We know Adele is one of the acts, but other details of who will be performing live at the closing ceremony are still undisclosed. Who else do you think will be part of the British showcase?

The Olympic producer has said that the show will, “go from (classical composer) Elgar to Adele.” There was some mention of the Spice Girls reuniting for the London Olympics, but that has been shut down by Victoria Beckham.

It comes as no surprise that Adele is one of the top contenders to perform at the London Olympics because she is one of the world’s biggest musical successes currently. She also embodies a very English identity and is therefore a perfect person to be in their British showcase. U.K. politicians at the House of Commons have even been fans of Adele, acknowledging that she is one of their top “exports”.

Conservative Member of Parliament Therese Coffey told the house, “I’m sure that you will be aware of the government’s efforts to promote exports… Will you join me in congratulating (Adele) in winning the Grammys.”

I think this is pretty amazing for the English gal who has taken over the world in music. The games start July 27th. Who else could be on the cards for the opening or closing ceremonies? Paul McCartney? Elton John? Queen? Sting? Lily Allen? Who do you think are the best British musical icons?

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  • Dezden

    Spice Girls… but since they said no… I don’t really care… the real thing here=the Games!! Woohooo! SO exited. I love the Olympics. U-S-A!

  • Gabriel

    Blur will be one of those headlining the closing ceremony at Hyde Park.