Will Britney Spears Become A Judge On ‘The X Factor’?


Ever since the producers of The X Factor in the US cleaned house by firing the show’s host, Steve Jones, and two of its judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, speculation has been running rampant as to who might be hired as their replacements. Earlier this month, we learned that Simon Cowell was considering hiring Whitney Houston as a judge on The X Factor before she tragically passed away on the 11th. It has also been rumored that Cowell is going after Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and/or Fergie Ferg to join the show. Today we are hearing a new name … Britney Spears. Apparently, word on the street is that our dear Britney is interested in the X Factor gig and has reached out to producers.

Brit marks the spot! Britney Spears wants to join the judges’ panel on X Factor, a source close to the pop star, 30, tells Us Weekly. With a keen interest in joining Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid at the judges’ table for the FOX smash, the recently engaged “Till the World Ends” singer has reached out; a show rep didn’t return calls to Us. The show recently fired judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger plus host Steve Jones. Another pop icon now in talks to be a judge? Janet Jackson, multiple sources confirmed to Us last week. In addition, Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie is also in the running for the show, the source added on Wednesday.

HMMM. I have to say, as much as I would LOVE to see Britney on a show like The X Factor, I just don’t see it happening. While it’s entirely possible that there is some moniker of truth to this report, I just cannot imagine this sort of thing working out. That said, IF Britney were to appear on The X Factor as a judge, you better believe that I would deffo be tuning in each and every week. A gig like this would change her persona significantly and would help turn her into another kind of star. Judging gigs like this can not only resuscitate careers (like it did for Paula Abdul on American Idol) but it can also further expand an already successful star’s career into new areas. For me, it is just too exciting to think of Britney getting a judging gig like this so I just cannot believe it. Still, this rumor is just too fun not to share. What do y’all think? Does this rumor seem to have any teeth to you? Do YOU think Britney Spears would make a great jude for The X Factor?


  • Dan

    She would be great. But I don’t think shes going to do it. I don’t think she would like to destroy somebody’s dream. She’s just too sweet for this.

    Also, I don’t get the “She Lip-Synchs” comments… Janet Jackson also does lip-synchs all her concert and nobody cares about it. The name of the show is X FACTOR, not THE VOICE. I think Britney and Janet know to recognize a person with an X Factor.

  • Missy

    The lip synching is a valid argument. I mean, how are you going to critique how someone sounds live, when you don’t sing live? It comes off hypocritical.

  • Jesse

    I hate the lip synch argument. See her last show live? The truth is X Factor needs a judge and Britney is the X Factor. Nobody can deny that.

  • nicole

    Britney is too shy and quiet to be a judge. She gets too nervous in public, could you imagine how awkward she would be on the show? And therea no way she could someone – like a kid – the thier not good enough

    • nicole

      theres* no way she could *TELL* someone

      ugh no more posting from my phone

  • John

    Yes because Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, and others are great proponents of live singing! That has fuck all to do with it, the fact is Britney above everyone has the X Factor- she’s got that special something and extra that the show is all about. If this is even true, I’m guessing it means she is ready to be Britney again and not that shy awkward person anymore, and hey that’s an amazing thing! Also Britney would be the BEST mentor, she’s been through it all! Like someone said this isn’t The Voice, it’s about the whole package, and who better to judge than someone who HAS the whole package?’!!

    • ChristineLA

      That’s a good point. Britney kind of personifies the “X factor”.

      Still, I hope to see someone a little older, and I’m thinking Janet Jackson is the way to go.

    • Lou

      Preach, John, preach! I agree with your post 110%. Britney was, is and always will have The X Factor.

  • Jennifer

    Britney would be a HUGE ratings booster–and would give her more time at home with her kiddos rather than another album and tour. Very interesting.

    • JC

      I agree! I would LOVE to see her on tv every week! I think more people would tune in to see Britney Jean than Janet.

  • Iheartaustin

    I think this would be Ah-Mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No arguement from the haters, Inwould actually watch of Brit was a judge!!!

  • cutitout

    If you guys have not noticed, Her team has kept her in a press/media blackout for the last few year. I doubt this will happen and if it does, it will be a terrible idea. That girl is obviously medicated and they don’t need to hold her out there like that, especially if she is suffering from bi-polar disorder as suspected.

    Sure, Simon would love to get ratings and start a Britney VS. Christina fued to fuel his failure of a show but Britney would suffer for it. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her, she’s been through so much.

  • jane

    I love her. And I personally wish she could do this, but could you imagine if someone blew up at her? Shed be a wreck..

  • gayana

    they’re trying to do everything to beat The Voice, huh…. if they bring Britney it may work I might say… but The Voice concept is just too good to be overshadowed.