Sacha Baron Cohen Might Be Barred From Attending The Oscars For Walking The Red Carpet In Character


Sacha Baron Cohen is the mastermind behind film pranks and antics, but now it seems the conservative academy is not a fan. Sacha is due to be attending this year’s Oscars on Sunday night for Hugo, one of the films up for the best picture award. The creator of Borat is also currently promoting his new film, The Dictator which sees Sacha take on a new character, General Aladeen, a political strongman working to ensure that democracy never comes to his oppressed nation. In typical Sacha style, word got out that he was planning to walk the red carpet in character. The academy, anxious about an actor using the Oscars as a publicity stunt, have informed the studio distributing the new film that this would be a “very bad thing to do.” Could they prevent Sacha, the ultimate prankster and character-driven actor from attending the Oscars? And more interestingly, do you think Sacha will take heed of the Academy’s warning or come in disguise anyway?

I heard yesterday that the academy had pulled Sacha Baron Cohen’s tickets for the Oscars, but an academy spokeswoman has now come out and clarified that no decision has been made as they are trying to learn more about Sacha’s intentions.

I understand the academy’s rule about promotion of new films. I actually think that this is a fairly reasonable principle, but I also think that they are getting a bit over the top here. Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his antics and disguise pranks, it is part of his identity. The pranks are also meant to be taken lightheartedly and in line the humor that it is intended with.

Now that Sacha has been recommended not to come dressed as a Middle Eastern general, I am very excited to see what he ends up doing. My gut feeling is that he will probably not come in character for fear of upsetting the academy, and this just goes to show that Sacha himself has diluted and calmed down his antics and pranks as he has adapted his style to the mainstream. I actually would love for him to walk the red carpet with his beard and Aladeen get-up! It is very clever PR has had created regardless of whether he comes dressed in character or not..

Will the studio be able to control Sacha with the academy’s threat, and do you think they should be doing that in the first place?

Watch the trailer for Sacha’s new film, The Dictator…are you a SBC fan?


  • apriljan

    I think he’s hilarious. His antics make him handsome. Let him go in character!

  • Sam

    This movie looks horrendous….the only thing remotely funny was the last scene..even at that…meh