Rumors Mount that Adele Is Wearing An Engagement Ring


Yesterday Adele was all over the news after the non-event of her middle finger flip at the Brit Awards. With all the silly commotion about that, people didn’t realize that Adele’s other finger was clad in some BLING. And, it wasn’t any old finger, it was her ring finger. Could Adele be engaged or was she just wearing some sparkle?

At the Brits Adele looked gorgeous in a black dress and a large ROCK on her ring finger…can you see it in the pic?! A few weeks ago we heard that Adele was getting serious with her beau, Simon Konecki, but I didn’t realize they had gotten that serious, that quickly. Could it be that she is just wearing bling, and it isn’t engagement bling?

Other reports out there are saying that they wouldn’t be that surprised if Adele was in fact engaged to Simon because they have become very close and very serious recently. I learned today that Adele has also moved into a £15,000-a-month house in West Sussex to be close to Simon, who works near there, and according to the Daily Star, he has been planning to propose. There was even talk about it happening around the time of Adele’s birthday, which is in May.

I’m not surprised that he is smitten with the gorgeous, Adele, but I can’t help wondering if people are jumping the gun a little bit. After all, a lot of people wear jewelery on their ring finger without it meaning anything more than just that. Hmm..

I would LOVE it if Adele were engaged but my gut feeling is that she isn’t just yet. Still, it is so wonderful seeing them both so happy together, engaged or not engaged, they seem like they’re very in love.

What do you think, is Adele engaged to be married??

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  • Miguel

    Adele has always worn a ring on that finger, has been wearing it for YEARS.

  • Andrea

    i agree with that. when adele first started to become popular she was always wearing a ring on that finger. at first it always confused me because i thought “how come someone sing about such heartache when they are actually in love and married!”

  • jim

    I hope this works out for Adele. But, if it doesnt. It lays the groundwork for her next album, 23!