Lindsay Lohan Gets A Glowing Report From The Judge At Her Recent Probation Hearing


Lindsay Lohan’s recent court appearances, stemming from her continuous probation violations, have not been her most shining moments. Back in October she was arrested, again, for violating the terms of her probation and was forced to pose for yet another mug shot (her 6th, I believe). In November, she got slapped with a bunch of new probation requirements set forth by Judge Stephanie Sauter in an attempt to force Lindsay to clean up her act or get sent back to jail to do “real” jail time. This time, it worked … because at her probation update hearing in LA yesterday, Lindsay was given a glowing report by her probation officer … so much so that Judge Sauter praised Lindsay for her good work in open court. Yes, folks, miracles do happen sometimes.

After an early arrival at her probation progress hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Lohan got some much-welcomed good news from Judge Stephanie Sautner in regards to her probation. “You’re in the home stretch,” said Sautner, causing Lohan to beam. “You seem to be getting your life back on track, and that’s what we all hoped for. It was never our goal to just put people in jail. We like to see positive change, and I think we’ve all seen that.” Lohan previously received a positive progress report in January. Sautner laid out the plan for another progress hearing on March 29, after 14 more days of community service at the Los Angeles County morgue, which she began in November, and five more therapy sessions. If all goes well for Lohan, her 2007 drunk driving case will “go bye-bye,” said Sautner, and her theft charges will turn into informal non-reporting probation, meaning that after March 29, “all you have to do is obey all laws, stay out of trouble, and move on with your life.”

Halle-freakin’-lujah! Lindsay Lohan appears to have FINALLY seen the light. In the past week we’ve learned that Lindsay scored another hosting gig on Saturday Night Live (for the upcoming March 3 ep) and she miraculously won the role of playing Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming made-for-TV movie. Lindsay’s chance to play Taylor in the movie is conditional on her compliance with the court … and yesterday’s glowing report at her probation hearing bodes very well for her continued success. It is probably very wise to, at the very most, remain cautiously optimistic about the positive changes in Lindsay’s life. Even tho she’s been behaving very well in the past few months, her track record for the past few years is a constant reminder that she is still a very troubled young woman. Still, it is my hope that she has truly finally learned her lesson and is on the right track to not only getting her life in order but saving her career as well. We’ll see. All of this recent positive news is very good, yes, but it’s going to take a long stretch of positivity and compliance with the law to overshadow those 6 mug shots of hers.


  • yoga girl

    Good for her! let us pray that she can stay on the straight path!

  • ChristineLA

    I don’t actually see any evidence she is on the straight path, merely the not so stupid and obvious path. Did she go to rehab, I can’t remember.

    • lol!!!!!

    • Sarah

      I think the judge and the probation officer are mostly referring to the fact that she’s met all the requirements of her probation.

    • Sarah

      Recently anyway.

  • b

    wow, is that really her? she looks totally different! at any rate, it looks like she’s at a healthier weight now. hope she gets her life back on track so we can see her talent shine again.

  • gayana

    Still if she’s the one who is going to playing a role of Elizabeth Taylor… it’s just not right.