Watch: Taylor Swift & Zac Efron Duet, Deny They Are A Couple On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


In the past week or so, a silly rumor started going around that claimed that Taylor Swift and Zac Efron were romantically involved. My guess is said rumor was started by the folks promoting the upcoming release of the animated film The Lorax, which features the vocal talents of Taylor and Zac. In order to put rumors to rest about their supposed romantic affiliation, Taylor and Zac made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to deny their affair. They also performed a little duet together, and it’s deffo worth checking out. Click below to check out video of Taylor and Zac’s appearance this week on Ellen.

First up, here is video of Taylor and Zac performing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People:

Cute right? But as much as some people, Ellen included, want to turn Taylor and Zac into a couple … they maintain that they are just friends:

Yeah, I never bought for a second that these two were romantically involved. Besides, Zaylor would make for a terrible celeb couple name, don’tcha think? ALSO, you will note that Ellen showed off that photo of Zac getting his tattoo that we saw yesterday. I guess my suspicions were correct … the photo is not knew, it was taken last year when Zac first got his bicep tattoo.

To finish out the vid clips, Ellen asked Taylor and Zac how they spent their Valentine’s Day together … trying to trap them into admitting a relationship. Taylor revealed that she enjoyed a “Pathetic Single Girls Party” with her friends on VDay:

Zac was very shady about his VDay plans … but we know that he had dinner with his real rumored girlfriend Lily Collins at SoHo House on Valentine’s Day so … yeah. I have to say … this episode of Ellen was really cute. Even tho Taylor and Zac aren’t a real couple, they make good friends I think. These clips were really fun to watch.

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  • ClaireMichelle

    I loved the song they did together! And the videos of their dance dares and Taylor’s adorable kitty! This was a great interview!

  • They are pretty cute together! That whole thing just made me smile!

  • MM

    I’ve actually never paid attention to Zac Efron before but can I just say YOWZA? When did he get so hot??

    I think it was the dancing that got my attention. Love a boy who can move!

    Definitely going to keep my eye on him from now on.

    As far as Taylor Swift goes – BLAH – still can’t stand her.

  • megsterg

    That was a really cute interview! I love Ellen

  • Amarie

    I’m glad Taylor and Zac are just friends. She’s fragile and he seems like he might break her heart too. Although Zaylor sounds better than Zily! (Lily Collins lol) Other than that they make very very cute friends! ;)

  • Sabrina

    I think there a cute couple. Also live the shirts!!!!!!!:D

  • mih

    It generally happens that co stars develop relationships off set aswell. But, is it real or just a pr stunt to promote their new show…Speaking of publicity stunt have you seen Mr Efron drop a condom out of his pocket on the “orange” carpet? Very embarassion for him but funny for us..Check out the footage here
    He he


  • Megan

    That song was awesome.